Will there be JAMB UTME Next Year

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Will there be JAMB UTME Next Year? This was a question a student asked the ExamsGuru Admin yesterday through our contact form while he was reading our Jamb computer Based Test Tutorial. We decided to have a look at the situation to know the way forward.

Will there be JAMB UTME Next Year? What a thought provoking question!

It has been thought provoking when the Federal Government of Nigeria had the intention to scrap the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) along with other related parastatals  like the National Examination Council (NECO) which are one of the major examination administering bodies in the country. The news was carried by several national dailies as well as concern groups and individuals. Really, the ExamsGuru Team has no concern at all with the decision of the Government to take action with any of its retrogressive parastatals whatsoever. As culled from the Sunnewonline, which reported as follows;

… in line with the recommendations of the Steve Oronsaye-led Presidential Committee on the Rationalization and Restructuring of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies following the completion of study of its White Paper Committee report. Among those scrapped are Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB UMTE), National Examination Council (NECO), Public Complaints Commission, National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) and the Fiscal Mobilization and Allocation Commission among others.

Now, lets go back to JAMB. If you could recall, by 1974, there were seven (7) federal universities in the country and everyone of these universities conducted its own concessional entrance examination and admitted its students without the help of the general examination body that oversees the admission process. Ok, what happened then? From source, these system, however, revealed serious short comings and quite often waste of resources in the process of administering the concessional examination, especially on the part of the candidates. According to the defunct JAMB website, ” The general untidiness in the uncoordinated system of admissions into universities and the attendant problems were sufficient cause for concern to the committee of vice chancellors.” That means the Federal government actually saw the need for this body before it was created.

Now, What is the matter? Is JAMB  failing to its duties, even after coalescing all the tertiary institutions in Nigeria including polytechnics and pyrotechnics and colleges of Education to be named Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB UMTE)? Now, even if you want to go to computer training school or seamstress apprenticeship, you have to write JAMB UTME.  We think JAMB UTME’s popularity in Nigeria can be compared to  the  National Higher Education Entrance Examination (NHEEE) conducted in China and surrounding countries.

The supposed reason for JAMB UTME scrap is not really understood by the common people, who are actually the end users of JAMB UTME services. Do you know why the FG wanted to scrap JAMB UTME? This was what we saw on Sunnewsonline

…it explained, were aimed at helping the government to effect a drastic reduction in the size of its bloated bureaucracy, eliminating duplication of functions and bringing down the cost of governance.

Really, We do not understand the grammar. What we know is to write University entrance exams and get admission for their further studies. We may not speak your mind anyway. Now that JAMB UTME has recorded the poorest results ever since its inception, which Senate called the JAMB management for explanations. Is it a road to its end. Is JAMB UTME loosing its pedigree? Or, are they other people, other than JAMB UTME management that could cause the massive nationwide failure just to bring down the parastatals?

Ok, If JAMB were effectively rendering their predetermined services, why did individual universities conducts their concessional exams in the name of Post JAMB Exams. After JAMB UTME, the student have to register and sit for another exams administered by the institution, which categorically defeated the intention of the federal government stated earlier in this article. Was the initiation of post utme justified?

A research conducted by Isaac Oluwadare Busayo   on the topic: “Post-UME Screening Examination in Nigerian Universities: The University of Education, Ikere-Ekiti (Tunedik) Experience” revealed that post-UME screening should not be discarded, but should be strengthened. We agree with him because according to him, the Post-UME screening, especially the essay exam, has helped expose the inadequacies of some candidates …With post-UME screening, deficiencies of the candidates are exposed, especially when they are asked to write.

So running JAMB UTME and Post UTME screening pari pasu is really not a wrong idea though it increases educational spending on the part of the students.  The ExamsGuru Team emphasizes good learning principles among student and think this method should be upheld.

But with this breaking news of SCRAP, we are confused and so do student about the fate of JAMB UTME in Nigeria. Are students preparing to write post UTME direct in the University of choice? Will there be JAMB UTME Next Year? Or is there any other examination body to oversee the affair of JAMB UTME? Do you agree to proposed JAMB scraping. Please lets hear from you. Use the comment box below to air your opinion and invite others to say theirs.

Thank you

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Jamb cannot be SCRAB,if u want to compare jamb exams and de university exams,friends jamb exams is simplest. Ok,if u say they shul scrab jamb and de university wants a score of 300,do u think is easy? Pls lets go back and think well,jamb is good and can never be SCRAB, Thanks

  2. peterson292 says:

    Good day everyone here is my own contributoin it’s true that if jamb is scraped it will increase the level of unemployment in the country but what about the intrest of nigerian student ?after sitting for waec,you take jamb and pass it then you will start prepearing for pume, maybe you will not even pass it then you will wait for another year to start all over again tell me is that not defrauding? From my own point i think jamb should be strenghten ad scrap pume or vice vaser thank you

    • Ambidexter says:

      oh yeah… i beliv d only shit dat shud be scrapped is post jamb… cas its really killing n frustrating!
      I mean hw cn an individual make jamb n miraculously make post jamb n at d end no admission wil be gvn!
      this is really vexatious Nigerians!
      pple keep spending money on same fings every year…..
      ehnnn…. see nw… i saw i case where an individual got to write postjamb four times wifout making it n d funniest was he was making his jamb… ehnn… is dat not ample for suicide?
      pls we are stil begging for jur help
      we are one… we shud help one anoda for success making pls…

  3. aliu says:

    nice tread

  4. Obeten Okoi says:

    I humbly wish 2comnt dat there is a point we al had 4gotten n dat is d fact dat d no of studnts wu apply 4 admisin evry yr are more dan d university klas rooms,dats y we need jamb 2help reduce d numba n post UME 2do d final touch. I dnt tink dis shud b an issue rada we shud urge d people in power 2rule sincerely in order 2 foster developmnt in our dear Nation n d issue of jamb 4500 n post ume 300 wil nt be a problem. The major issue here is d level of poverty n until we reduce it,den we wil keep cmplainin… I so summit.

  5. Abgun says:

    If they scrap Jamb, will the goverment provide a better job for the people working under the board???


    Jamb should be scrap or post ume I see no reasone why a student after writting waec will still go and spend money in jamb and at the end he or her will come home crying its unfear jamb or post ume should be scrap this will give so many people opportunities to go to school without stress.


    Jamb should be scrap or post ume I see no reasone why a student after writting waeco will still go and spend money in jamb and at the end he or her will come home crying its unfear jamb or post ume should be scrap this will give so many people opportunities to go to school without stress.

  8. Sunday says:

    Please the government should scrap jamb it is causing more harm than good.

  9. Sunday says:

    Please the government should scrap jamb because it is causing more harm than good.

  10. Praise says:

    I suggest that government should scrap jamp and neco i cn i write four exam for only year am my nt human being also spending money pls u people should scrap jamb nd neco pls am begin

  11. chi best says:

    my humble ideas and suggestions to dis case is dat since after spendin money in buyin and processin of jamb,the successful student will start preparin both financially and otherwise for the post utme wach may end up in total failure thereby derailin the lives of d student financially and otherwise.so i think scrap jamb will help in d cost of education and as well given d less previlage opportunity and chances of gainin an admission

  12. JAMES AGWO says:

    JAMB should be scrap,how can a person waste his or her energy at the end is to see dat person cryin, what an Exams.pls i am beyin the government to do that for us,JAMB should be scarp,i prefer school to conducted their Exams thanks.

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