Why are Fungi Distinct Group of Eukaryotas?

Why are Fungi Distinct Group of Eukaryotas? This question occurs almost 21 times in JAMB Past Question. Many Jambites fail to get this question correct because the options given seems confusing .

See how the questions is asked

The fungi are distinct group of eukaryotes mainly because they have
(JAMB 2011 No.6)

  • (a) spores
  • (b) no chlorophyll
  • (c) many fruity bodies
  • (d) sexual and asexual reproduction

The answer to this question is (a) they have spores and not (b) they have no chlorophyll which is the option likely chose by many candidates.

Now let’s dissect the question.

What are eukaryotes? Eukaryotes are simply a milti-cellular organisms. Even though they are mult-icelular, they are the only specie that posses spores used for reproduction.

See the full characteristics of fungi below;


  • Fungi are eukaryotic organisms.
  • They are non-vascular organisms.
  • They reproduce by means of spores. 
  • Depending on the species and conditions both sexual and asexual spores may be produced.
  • They are typically non-motile.
  • Fungi exhibit the phenomenon of alteration of generation.
  • The vegetative body of the fungi may be unicellular or composed of microscopic threads called hyphae.
  •  The structure of cell wall is similar to plants but chemically the fungi cell wall are composed of chitin.
  • Fungi are heterotrophic organisms.
  • They fungi digest the food first and then ingest the food, to accomplish this the fungi produce exoenzymes.
  • Fungi store their food as starch.
  • Biosynthesis of chitin occurs in fungi.
  • The nuclei of the fungi is very small.
  • During mitosis the nuclear envelope is not dissolved.
  • Nutrition in fungi – they are saprophytes, or parasites or symbionts.
  • Reproduction in fungi is both by sexual and asexual means. Sexual state is referred to as teleomorph, asexual state is referred to as anamorph

So, take note of this question in case it comes again in this year’s JAMB CBT Biology.



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