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Which Year will JAMB CBT Take it’s question from the JAMB Past Question?

Which Year will JAMB CBT Take it’s question from the JAMB Past Question? or what year will jamb set questions from? This is another tricky question, but I was asked by a JAMBite. Obviously, there is no clear answer to this particular question. In fact, nobody can answer this question except the person is using a magical crystal ball which sees beyond the visible.

Notwithstanding, we at myPastQuestion.com are good at predicting possible questions that may repeat itself in an examination. We are able to this when we consider so many factors. The two most important factors are;

  1. how important is the topic in today’s world
  2. how many times is the questions repeated in the past question

Having considered these two factors, we can draw inferences on the possible questions that may come out in an examination. JAMB CBT is one of this examination. From our analysis, we have discovered that 60% of the JAMB CBT questions were asked before in previous JAMB, WAEC or NECO exams.

We are currently compiling these frequently repeated questions in all subjects and will be available for download shortly.

So you can see that even though it’s extremely difficult to predict which year will JAMB CBT take it’s question from the JAMB Past Question, we forecast the possible questions based on the frequency of usage of that question.

My Advice

My advice for students is to prepare with their textbooks while using past questions to know the nature of JAMB CBT or Post UTME examination.

We will bring the frequently repeated questions shortly.

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