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What to Do to Get Admission with Low JAMB Score

What to Do to Get Admission with Low JAMB Score. Have you checked your JAMB result? How is it? Do you have above 250? If yes – lucky you because I can tell you that very few candidates got high score in this years JAMB CBT examination.

The reason behind this mass failure in obvious. Either the candidates did not prepare well for the examination or the whole thing was difficult.

If you want to know if JAMB exam was difficult, then ask those candidates who wrote this year’s CBT examination. The whole thing was like a drama or a Nollywood movies to many candidates.

I could imagine seeing candidates, who are stack computer illiterate gallivanting with computer mouse in the exam hall trying to select a right choice of the correct option in the computer screen.

For the candidates, the problem of JAMB CBT examination of this year was not only with questions, rather with computer itself.

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Most candidates did not fail the JAMB examination because they did not know the answers to the questions being asked, rather they were battling with their inability to feed the correct answers to the computer.

This tragic story is the reality that left many JAMB CBT candidates in great delusion which subsequently resulted in very abysmal results.

Personally, I will not pose all blames of failing or having low score in JAMB CBT to candidates, but the situation of which they found themselves.

That’s why we at myPastQuestion.com are looking for ways to inform these candidates on how to still secure admission into higher institutions even with their low JAMB scores.

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For candidates, I think now is the most critical time to make an informed decision for yourself.  Check your JAMB scores and see if you have the eligible cut off mark for your course in your institution of choice. If no…

Do Change of Institution/Course

Having seen your result, you should be able to know if you can use that the get admission into your institution of choice considering the level of competition. See for instance you applied for Medicine / Surgery and you score 165 in JAMB CBT, I will advice you to do change of institution /  course immediately.

There are Schools You Can Write Post UTME and Get Admission without Choosing Them in JAMB. So, review them and make an informed decision before it’s too late.

Go to Schools that Accepts lower JAMB scores and apply and sit for their examination. Luckily, you may secure admission in such schools. Few years from now, you are a graduate instead of staying at home for another 2 years trying to write JAMB to do medicine and surgery at unilorin. This is rubbish – go and do Zoology and become a environmental consultant.

“I know quit well that you have dreams. Maybe dreams of becoming a doctor, but change is the only inevitable thing in this world and until you learn to adapt to change,  you will never be changed.” Examsguru.net

So, learn how you can be you and stop behaving like your friend. Even though you may have a role model but know that many people may have a different way to catch a rat.

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Try it and see if you will forget this website in your future.

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  1. I had 234 in my jamb and I chose unical to study medicine and surgery what is probability of getting medicine there please I need ur reply

  2. I had 234 in my jamb and I chose unical to study medicine and surgery what is probability of getting medicine there

  3. Broz i really appreciate U on these thread nd all ur efforts 4 even those that has thought of No Admission This Year Again…But as i introduce dem 2 this web, dey just dey tenz m…..So kip it on sir MORE POWER

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