WAEC GCE 2015 Geography Practical Live Answers

(6a) Igneous rocks are formed by the cooling and solidification of molten
rocks called magma.

(i) Sources of Mineral: Some rocks are sources of minerals such as gold,
diamond, limestone,petroleum, etc which can be exported to provide
foreign exchange to a country.
(ii) Sources of fuel: Sedimentary rocks
like petroleum and coal are sources of fuel for domestic and industrial uses.
[9/15, 3:05 PM] Abdlhman Adera: (8a)
Atmospheric resources are those are those elements such as wind, water,
sunlight, and gases, which are of benefit to man , animals, and plants

Atmospheric gases ( nitrogen, oxygen, co2, water vapour , ozone layer
(i) wind
(ii) rainfall
(iii) solar energy

(i)oxygen supports animals life
(ii) used by plants and animals for respiration
(iii) Co2 required by plants for photosynthesis
(iv) ozone layer acts as a blanket to the earth
(v) rain provides water for human consumption and agriculture.

(i)Sahara (North Africa)
(ii)Great australian desert(Australia)
(iii)High rate of evaporation
(iv)Relative humidity is very low

(i)Possession of long roots to search for water in the soil
(ii)Presence of few or no leaves at all to prevent transpiration
(iii)Possession of thick succulent stems
(iv)Some shed their leaves during drought.

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