UNIZIK Pre-Science 1st Batch Admission List for 2016 and Registration Guidelines is out

This to notify candidates that registered for the Nanmdi Azikiwe University, Unizik pre-sicence admission that the UNIZIK Pre-Science 1st Batch Admission List for 2016 is out.

The admission list was pasted at the school’s ‘Utility building’ earlier today, 22nd January, 2016.

The list which contains the names of over 2,400 students, is on display on a notice board inside the school’s ‘Utility building’ as preparations for the matriculation ceremony( slated for 23rd January, 2016) of the newly admitted undergraduate students( 2015/2016) came to a climax.

The next question now would be “WHAT NEXT?”.

True, the next step now is clearance but, unless you’re coming to secure ‘OFF CAMPUS’ accommodation, there is no need rushing down, until the authorities make public the steps you should take.

As an alumnus of the program however, I want to give you useful pieces of advice you MIGHT need in this period. I advise you to read these line by line.

1. It has come to our notice that some successful applicants have been advised to start making payments( school fees or any other fees) by some individuals, and I do wish to inform you that, as at the time of this publication, no specific instructions have been issued on the application process.
DO NOT start payments for school fees and other related fees until set instructions have been made public, in which case you will be duly informed.

***Please allow me repeat that.***

NEVER make payments for any school related issue until you have confirmed it in the school’s Utility building. If you are going to pay for school hostel especially, note that you MUST pay your school fees first before you return to the same office to collect permission to pay for school hostel, so that you don’t make payment when there is no space.

2. NEVER make payments for off-campus accommodation until you have verified that you have met with the house owner or caretaker. Remember, anyone can pose as any of the above! To that effect, I propose you only make part payments for accommodation until you pack in.

3. NEVER travel in lonely places with strangers unless you have a good enough reason to( I can’t think of one though).

4. I know you are in a hurry to spend some money, but please ensure that every dime you spend is well accounted for i.e. has a good purpose.

5. When you are coming for clearance, please leave your location on time so that you can arrive in good enough time to settle in.

6. This one is very important, as it helped me during my time: YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR STAY HERE IN THE MARKET; YOU DON’T NEED TO BRING YOUR HOUSE WITH YOU. Simply come with the documents you will be asked to come with, your personal belongings, and any other thing you MUST take with you.

7. Learn to travel cash-lite; open a bank account if you don’t have one already, fund your account, and travel with your ATM card.


If you will need a place to stay during clearance, you can sign up for the tour, which covers accommodation costs, orientation, and one time meal. You will also meet other students like you, and be able to get a roommate.

Members of our Whatsapp group, followers of our Nairaland thread, and readers on our blog, please be informed. Failure to adhere to these instructions could make you gullible to scammers.

PS: Use the comment box ONLY to ask questions;
Yours sincerely,
O. C. Christian

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