UNIUYO POST UTME Subjects Combination

UNIUYO POST UTME Subjects Combination. Often time, candidates tend to prepare for University of Uyo, Post UTME Examination using their JAMB subjects combination, as the bases for preparation. Of course, JAMB combination may differ from UNIUYO combination. Read a comprehensive University of Uyo Post UTME Subjects Combination.

Post-UtmeCourses/SubjectsCombination For Screening Test

S/No Faculty Department/Programme SubjectCombination


PHARMACY Pharmacy English,Biology,Chemistry,Physics
AGRICULTURE CropScience English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths.
Animal Science
FoodScience& Technology
Soil Science
4 SCIENCES Statistics/Maths English,Chemistry,Physics,Maths.
Computer Science
Zoology English,Biology,Chemistry,Physics.
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Architecture EnglishLanguage,Physics,Mathematics, Geography
Building EnglishLanguage,Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry
EstateManagement EnglishLanguage,Economics,Geography,Mathematics
Fine& Industrial Arts English,FineArts, Economics,Government. (Two/Three Dimensional Art, Drawing,Art Theory).
Geoinformatics EnglishLanguage,Mathematics, Geography,Economics
Quantity Surveying EnglishLanguage,Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry
Urban&RegionalPlanning EnglishLanguage,Economics, Geography,Mathematics


S/No Faculty Department SubjectCombination







Elect./Electr. Engineering  




Computer Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
ARTS Linguistics English,LiteratureIn English,Crk, Govt.
Communication Arts English,LiteratureIn English,Crk, Govt.
History& InternationalStudies English,History,Econs, LiteratureInEnglish
French English,French,Crk, Lit InEnglish
Religious&CulturalStudies English,Crk, Lit In English, Govt.
Philosophy English,Govt.,Crk, Lit In English
Music English,Music,Crk, Lit. InEnglish.
Theatre Arts English,LiteratureIn English,CRK, Govt.
LAW Law English,LiteratureIn English,Crk,Govt.
BUSINESSADMINISTRATION Accounting English,Econs, Maths&Government
Banking&Finance English,Maths,Econs&Govt.
EDUCATION BusinessEducation English,Maths,Econs&Govt.
Library Science (a)English,Biology,Chemistry, Maths.
(b)English,Govt, Econs,Crk
Efik-Ibibio English,LiteratureIn English,Crk, Govt.
FrenchEducation English,French,Crk, LiteratureInEnglish.
AgricultureEducation English,Chemistry,Biology,Maths.
ReligiousEducation English,Crk, Literature InEnglish,Govt.
Chemistry Education English,Chemistry,Physics,Maths
EnglishEducation English,LiteratureIn English,Crk, Govt.




S/No Faculty Department SubjectsCombination
10 EDUCATION(CONTD.) MathematicsEducation English,Maths,Chemistry,Physics
HomeEcons.Education English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths.
Pre-Primary/Pri Edu. (a)English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths
(b)English,Econs, Govt,Crk
(C)English, LiteratureInEnglish, Crk,Econs
Geography Education English,Econs, Geography,Govt
Political ScienceEducation English,Econs, Govt,CRK
EconomicsEducation English,Economics,Maths, Govt.
Physical Education English,Chemistry,Physics,Maths
FineArts Education English,FineArts, Economics& Government.(Two/Three Dimensional Art, Drawing,Art Theory).
Special Education (a)English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths
(b)English,Govt, Econs,CRK.
(c)English,Literature,CRK, Econs.
Physical Education English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths
Social StudiesEdu. English,Econs, Govt,CRK.
Integrated ScienceEducation English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths
Biology Education English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths
HealthEducation English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths
Guidance&Counseling (a)English,Biology,Chemistry,Maths
(b)English,Econs, Govt,CRK
(c)English,LiteratureIn English, Econs,CRK
History Education English,History,Econs, LiteratureInEnglish
Technical Education English,Chemistry,Physics,Maths
Computer ScienceEducation English,Maths,Physics, Econs.
SOCIALSCIENCES Economics English,Economics,Maths,Government.
Geography&RegionalPlanning English,Geography,Economics,Government.
Political Science&PublicAdmin. English,Government, CRK,Econs
Psychology English,Biology,Economics,Government.
Sociology&Anthropology English,Econs, CRK, Govt.

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  1. francis victor says:

    can i use 180 to study pretroleum in uniuyo

  2. jeremiah says:

    my combinations in jamb for uniyo
    maths,eng.account and economics
    can i take d same tin in post utme
    for accounting course

    • Ifiofkobong says:

      Yes, they may still give you the same combination or they can change accounting to commerce or government. You will not have problem with your combination

  3. destiny sunday says:

    pls I didn’t write crs in my waec can I put lit as replacement (public adminstration

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