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University of Tsukuba Masters Scholarship For International Students – 2017

Interested international applicant should apply for scholarship to study at University of Tsukuba. The scholarship covers tuition fees or living costs to study in Japan.
Scholarship Benefits: The scholarships’ benefits cover:

-Economy class travel between the home country and Tsukuba with travel allowance set by donors

-Exam fee, entrance fee, tuition and other program fees

-Monthly stipend

-Medical insurance cost.

Eligibility:To apply to PEPP, applicant must:

-Hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and have completed 16 years of school education (up to undergraduate level). A strong background in economics and associated quantitative tools (linear algebra, calculus and basic statistics) is useful and, in the case of the Course in Economics Policy, highly recommended.

-Note: Those applicants who have completed their university education in countries where formal schooling lasts less than 16 years, who are at least 22 years old, and who have spent at least one year in a research or similar institution, may qualify to apply by filling out and submitting the provided form (Certificate of Research Activities).

How to apply: University asks applicants to complete the application entry on Online Application System (OAS). The required documents must be uploaded through the OAS; University will not accept applications via email, fax or regular mail.

Deadline:The application deadline is February 28th, 2017.

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