Top 10 Tips to study well for an exam

When studying, always keep in mind a number of recommendations which we are familiar, but we never know what is the best for us. While all are important, everyone should find their own ideal way to study. Anyway, here we present a list with a selection of the best 10 recommendations to study better.

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  1. Avoid Distractions: Definitely, the best advice is to study well to stay away from all distractions.Here it is included phone calls, text messages, Internet, music, TV, etc.
  2. Make Useful Breaks: It is very useful to pause five or ten minutes after a 50 minute period of study
  3. Highlight Important Points while Reading: Highlight or underline the most important content is another very useful when studying strategy.
  4. Prioritize information: It’s always good to sort and prioritize the information that has already been processed. This procedure is recommended to use different colors.
  5. Have a Study Group: Many people often study group.However, this strategy is only effective if all members have read and studied the content previously treated.
  6. Eat Good Food: Good nutrition is very useful for all activities of daily living.Only good nutrition can guarantee you the best disposition to study.
  7. Sleep Well: Sleep, among other benefits, consolidates learning.It is therefore always necessary sleep 7 to 8 hours
  8. Review what you read: Many people reviewing minutes before the test.However, this is a big mistake because it can cause anxiety.
  9. Plan your Exam: Before you start answering an exam, you should read and consider all questions.That way, you can start with the one that suits you.
  10. Know the nature of the exam: The general comment prior to the examination is also important to consider factors such as time, difficulty and the score assigned. One of the best way to know this is through past questions.

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