Tips for planning your next job interview

Most important is advance preparation before the interview. One mistake can cost you the job, that’s why we give these tips for the day of the interview everything is going well.

As the date of the interview approaches review your resume, remember your accomplishments and skills. It’s time to have confidence in yourself.

A little nervousness is normal and even healthy, but additional energy channeled in a positive direction starting with your physical and mental preparation.

  1. 2 or 3 copies of your resume one for you and the other for the interviewer to ask you if more than one. It is totally valid to have a copy of your resume in front of you at the time of the interview. Not only shows that you are organized, it makes a perfect accordion. After all the interviewer you are using it for the same reason. The purpose of having a resume for you is not a bad impression to be hesitantly giving dates.
  2. Have on hand a notebook to write, a pen paint and is in good condition. This not only shows that you are organized but your interest in the job if you do log how relevant was said in the interview. Do not go taking dictation please.
  3. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of your references. These should be people you know in the workplace, preferably ex-bosses. It is no use the data you give your parents, wife, uncles etc. What can they say about you? If you have letters of recommendation, take them too. As well as prizes, awards and diplomas you have received in your work. Anexes not reveal them to resume but at the right time.
  4. Perfectly know the name or names of those who will interview you (how to spell and pronounce) and their positions.
  5. Phone who will interview if you have a setback for you to call if you’re not going to be 100% on time. If you do not arrive in time you’ll lose many points, but do not even call to warn’ll lose everything.
  6. List of questions to ask: do those that make you understand the responsibilities and potential work such as: What is the job outlook in the medium and long term? How does this work complies with corporate goals? Why is this position vacant?
  7. And finally, make a sketch with accurate signals to arrive on time and trouble to interview.

When you reach the interview you must do 10 to 15 minutes earlier. Arriving too early shows desperation and late is inconsiderate while the interviewer. You can reach the company early enough to go to the bathroom and check your appearance. In women makeup and men who do not shine their faces.

Breathe deeply three times to calm nerves.

Remind yourself you’re worth a lot and you have an important reason to be there, no one is asking you the favor but this interview is a mutual interest.

Smile and go to the interview.


  • It gives a firm grip, but not disposer.
  • Smile, be kind, look into my eyes and frequently repeats the name of the interviewer.
  • Be sure of yourself but do not overwhelm the interviewer with your aggressiveness and arrogance.


  • Someone talk about your older or hierarchy than yours, unless prompted.
  • Fumes even if you offer it.
  • You feel before you do so.
  • Show anxiety or boredom.
  • See the clock
  • Ask about salary and benefits in the early stages of the interview.
  • You’re submissive. Try equals the interviewer but with respect. Too much kindness confused with servility and that cheapens you terribly.

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