Few Important Tips to Ace An Essay Writing Contest and Win a Scholarship

Few Important Tips to Ace An Essay Writing Contest and Win a Scholarship- Writing essay for college is not merely about passing or getting into the University of your dreams. It is also about getting a scholarship and funds so that you will not be buried in student loans before you start working. There are so many ways to get a scholarship and thepensters.com can help you write an essay worthy of winning a scholarship.

So how will win in an essay writing contest? This is a question that bothers all applicants aiming to get a scholarship. Knowing how to write an essay that will win over the sponsors or the judges is the first step in writing. You have to get over your doubts and your nervousness for you to focus and get your thoughts into paper. Being prepare for this contest will give you an edge over other applicants and up your chances of winning.

This can be a bit tough for people who are not into writing. If you are one of those people who are better at speaking than writing, you might consider getting a recorder first and try to deliver a topic through a speech. Once you are done, you can start writing your piece. This will give you a great start in crafting your essay. Below are a few more tips straight from the sponsors that you can keep in mind to help you polish and perfect your essay.

Know Your Audience

Before starting off your essay, it is good to know who will be reading and rating your essay. Personal essays should comply with the requirements of the specific organizations that will sponsor or give out the scholarship. One essay will not be tailor fitted to all the scholarship that you will apply for, with each scholarship that you are interested in, you will need a different and originally written piece.

Develop Your Theme

A thematic essay is a winning essay. Make your piece a thematic demonstration by developing a theme. Avoid listing your points or achievements, better yet, talk about experiences or situations wherein you’ve grown as person and your realizations that made you achiever.

Make a Strong Impression

It might be difficult to show the judges your points in an essay but you can utilize poetry lines, stories, literary pieces and anecdotes as examples to bring your essay to life. In this competition, judges must feel you and understand you so make sure that there is no vague points in your essay.

Be Original

Originality and your creative writing should make your essay stand out from the thousands of other applications. Use your innovative skills and resourcefulness to keep your piece original and worthy of the judge’s attention.

Make Your Essay Neat

Judges can take one look at your essay and discard it because it is not readable and messy. Make sure that it has proper spaces, margins and that the font style and size is easy on the eyes. A neat and readable essay will encourage judges to read and notice your work.

Proofread and Edit Your Essay before Submitting

After writing, you can take a look at your essay for any errors. If you cannot find any, you can ask a friend or a family member to check your work for grammar and spelling errors before you send it out.

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