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The Nature of IMSU Post UTME Exam

If you made Imo State University your choice institution in JAMB-UTME, you really need to know the nature of IMSU post UTME exam. This is the most dreaded examination I have ever seen in my life. The questions are cheap but I wonder how you will use only 40 minutes or less to answer 50 questions if you don’t consider yourself a guru.

Don’t be afraid. That’s why we are here. In this article, I will show you the nature of IMSU post UTME examination so that you know what you are expecting and will not be caught unaware. With this article, you will be fully armed before the examination. Read is vigorously and it wull help you to make the needed IMSU cut off mark and admission reguirement.

The Nature of IMSU Post UTME Exam

In IMSU Post UTME, you will be required to answer fifty (50) questions in all. The examination is divided into two groups which are those for science related courses and those for art and humanities related courses.

Category A: Sciences related courses comprises

  • Faculty of  Agriculture and vet. Medicine
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Science

Candidates in this category – Sciences – will write Use of English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Category B: Arts related Courses include

  • Faculty of Law
  • faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Education
  • faculty of Social Sciences

Candidates in this category – Sciences – will write Use of English, Mathematics, Economics, Government  and Christian Religious Knowledge.

Duration of the IMSU Post UTME Exam

From the inception of IMSU Post UTME examination, the duration of the exam had never exceeded 45 minutes and most students often complain of lack of time to complete the questions.

In the Exam hall

currently at the time of writing this article, IMSU Post UTME is a paper and pencil test and not computer based test as seen in other schools like OAU ife or UNILORIN or UNIPORT. In the exam hall, you will be given an OMR answer sheets and question papers.

One the OMR Form, you will be required to pay cognate attention to the shading fields as any alteration, miss-shading, wrong shading will lead to missing result. Read 7 Reasons why students fail or have mission results in post utme exams.

Shading Fields includes

  1. Field 1: Matriculation number = JAMB Registration number excluding the last two alphabets
  2. Field 2: Full name – Surname, First Name and Course of Choice
  3. Field 3: Only Surname and Initials eg. Igwe I C
  4. Field 4: Session = Form number
  5. Field 5: Semester = University choice e.g 1st Choice University or 2nd Choice University
  6. Field 6: Departmental codes (this are written at the reverse of the OMR Forms)
  7. Field 7: Course Codes  (this are written at the reverse of the OMR Forms)
  8. Field 8: continuous Assessment = L.G.A (this are written at the reverse of the OMR Forms)

IMSU Post UTME Instructions

Like I often said, instructions are part of any examination. So, failure to obey the instructions in the exam is an automatic pass mark to fail. Here are the few instructions need in IMSU Post UTME Exam. Read thing you should in the last minute before JAMB or Post UTME Exam.

  1. No water/Stain of any kind on the OMR sheet
  2. Clean the top of the desk properly before placing the OMR sheet on the desk
  3. Use ONLY HB Pencil for shading
  4. Do not pad your OMR sheets, shade only on hard surface (top of desk)
  5. Calculators are not allowed

All these instructions apply to both Post UTME and Post DE examination conducted by IMSU.

How to score high in IMSU Entrance Examination

Whether, you are trying to get admission into IMSU through JAMB-UTME or Direct Entry, you will be required to write the entrance examination – called – IMSU Post UTME Exam or IMSU Post DE Exam. In either of itm you’ll be required to score a considerable mark (sometimes very high score considering the level of competition for your course) to secure admission slot for your course of choice.

The best way you can score high in the examination is to revise vigorously with past questions and answers. The fact is that most of these past questions do repeat in the current examination.  Fortunately, we have compiled all the IMSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers and it’s ready for download for just N1,000. It worth the amount and you never can tell how much help you’ll get from revising with it.  It will help you to know The Nature of IMSU Post UTME Exam

Here you go. Those are all the information you need concerning the nature of IMSU Post UTME Examination. If you are well guided with this information, I can say that you have already passed the exam.

If you have any more question, use the comments section below. I will respond as soon as possible.

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