Top 25 questions that will make your job interview

But how to emerge victorious against this sea of ​​possibilities? Here is a list of 25 key questions in a job interview. In a job interview we must be well prepared for any questions that take us by surprise.

Job Interview Tips

In the working world, companies are increasingly stringent and rigorous when recruiting staff, even applicants must go through various filters.

For that reason, in a job interview we must be well prepared for any questions that take us by surprise. According to our responses the course of the interview will be drawn.

But how to emerge victorious against this sea of ​​possibilities? Here is a list of 25 key questions in a job interview, according to Forbes:

1. How would you define?: to answer this question you should be prepared before, but unnoticeable, try to respond naturally. It has things that are related to the workplace.

2. What is your experience in this sector ?: It always starts with the oldest experience and if you have not had previous work explains in detail your learning because you want to occupy.

3. Why did you leave your last job ?: Never tell negative things about your previous work. Try to approach it to a personal evolution.

4. What do you know about this company ?: is important to investigate the beginnings of the company and the changes it has undergone in recent years. From there, it shows that you have the same interests as them.

5. Why do you want to work with us ?: the thread of the previous answer, you have to show your motivations and asemejarlas to the company.

6. What is your dream job ?: position not respond to the job for which you are being interviewed. He responds by referring to peers, the environment, personal growth …

7. What if you bring us ?: this is one of the most important questions for the interviewee because let serves all your repertoire. Try to imagine for a moment that you take a few months working in the company and has what you see.

8. What qualities do you stand out on their former bosses and colleagues ?: trying to remember the compliments you always did and if you can accompany it with some examples, the better.

9. Have you experienced any conflict in his latest work ?: It is clearly a trick question. Remember to never speak ill of bosses or peers.

10. How do you solve a problem ?: remember any problems you have seen and always speaks of calm and positivity in the workplace.

11. Do you know ?: team work is one of the more predictable questions in a job interview so try to respond with several examples prepared, but without showing off.

12. Work well under pressure : the correct answer is “Yes”. you must demonstrate that you have situations fit this kind of work under pressure.

13. What have you learned from your mistakes ?: never talk about your failures. Think extreme situations that you have lived, such as overwork, and the lesson learned.

14. What has been your biggest professional disappointment ?: always talking about unimportant minor disappointments that have to do with you, as achieve some goal.

15. What motivates you to do your job when ?: try to remember the feeling you had the last time you managed to make some extra merit in your work and conveys that feeling.

16. How would you like to be his boss ?: never specify, speaking of qualities that everyone typically has as sense of humor, respect, intelligent …

17. What kind of employee believes we are looking for? Do you fit that profile ?: put in place and defines an employee who look a lot like you.

18. How you compensate lack of experience ?: if you have no experience should remind the dedication and speed have learning that characterizes you.

19. Has improved their knowledge in the last year ?: courses, activities, conferences … anything goes.

20. Will you work overtime ?: must assess your chances, but whenever you can answer with a “Yes” because surely other respondents have done so.

21. Would you be willing to move city or country ?: must be honest because if an answer that does not reflect reality have problems in the future.

22. What salary would like to receive ?: Never say an exact figure. First attempts to answer the question and then giving back a price fixed within a wide range.

23. How long would it like to work with us ?: the correct answer would be something like “The longer, the better. The important thing is that you are happy with my work and that I also may be what the company”.

24. Are you currently looking for other jobs ?: answer honestly, but do not give too many explanations. Try to finish talking about the company you’re doing the interview.

25. Do you have any questions ?: trying to do some generic questions to see that you are interested in the job and the company.

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