helped me to get Admission into Unijos Medicine and Surgery

I finally got admitted into UNIJOS Medicine and Surgery department with the help of God and

My name is Umoh Ekom, I was a student of School for the Gifted Gwagwalada and graduated amongst the 2015 set, i wrote my JAMB during the school session.

The university I aspired to go to was the university of Jos. After secondary school and having written jamb, it was time for me to write my postume. I felt I had read my books to an extent and I just felt like there was also something else I needed to do, something missing in order to pass my postume with flying colours.

Luckily for me I came across sure and also found out that they have past post utme questions for most universities for sale at a thousand naira.

I was initially being skeptical about it at first but then I decided to purchase the past post utme questions for university of Jos and combine that along side with my reading of my various textbooks for various subjects.

The past post utme questions were sent to my e_mail and I studied it intensely. I vehemently believed that purchasing the past questions would surely help me. I studied it from year to year, subject to subject, topic to topic, word to word,and letter to letter.

During the post utme examination, a lot of the questions from the past post utme questions I purchased came out and I was gracefully able to answer them and was also able to answer the rest of them with the knowledge I got from the examination.

The results of the post utme came out a month later and I passed the exam excellently. Admission was later given by jamb and I sadly didn’t get that one and I kept my fingers crossed and was still waiting for the first list to be out.

The university embarked on a three-month strike which was later called off, a month later the school released their first admission list which was based on how good you performed at the post utme and I saw my name on that list which made me so excited.


I was given admission to study the course of my choice which is medicine and surgery. Only Lord knows, if I didn’t read extra hard and also purchase the past post utme questions maybe I wouldn’t have been able to perform as good as I did.

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