How I scored 275 in JAMB CBT 2016 – Testimony from Gold

I used jamb past questions for my four subjects, I didn’t really concentrate on the recommended books because I believed Jamb always repeated their questions.

jamb result high score

My main focus was to get their method of asking questions and the system of repetition so I concentrated between “2005 to 2015” I kept attempting them.

First I will provide answers to the questions and then mark it with the answers provided after each year’s questions, then I will make corrections and try to retain it.

At first I was scoring low but when I went through it again the second and third time I started getting good scores.

NOTE: Is not immediately you are done with a particular year you go back to it

Mine I chose to do 2005 to 2015 of all the subjects before going back to the first, that way you will know if you have actually been able to retain the correct answers, I did this 4 times, that way I was able to understand the system of repetition, please don’t cram the answers instead understand it. Try to ask yourself why the answer nd if u re not convinced check the recommended books.

It was actually that gave me the idea
There was a post on how to use Jamb past questions dat was how I learnt you need to read and retain not just read for the sake of it.

There was also another post on how to know your best way of reading and understanding, then I realized that I loved to listen to music while I read and it actually helped me read longer.

I read this book just once and kept it aside not until sent 45 possible questions on the book and I could barely answer 10 I had to rush back to every detail I could get in the book, I read it like 3 more times and am happy I did and the English marking scheme also helped me.

Like said don’t waste time on d questions you don’t have an idea it’s not compulsory to get all just attend to the ones you know first, that’s what I did and I give God the glory for crowning all my efforts with success.

I am so happy I subscribed to really helped me prepare and even the little idea I had about the CBT exam was from and am proud to announce to these lovely family that I made you guys proud I SCORED 275 my English was 98 couldn’t have imagined that and I would advice anyone preparing for Jamb to be here it’s the best of its kind, it will help you in a million ways like it did me.

Ukaegbu Gold U.

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  1. like whao! i am impressed and remotivated ooh, Gold Jesus I m happy for you, hmmm Jamb must hear the sound, mine is on 9th I will go back to my past questions and answer my dear. chai! i see myself scoring above you already thanks for the re-motivation

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