How to Tackle Exam Season Stress

My stress nightmare – the reoccurring dream that always pops up when I’m run down and overly tired – is simple and terrifying in its simplicity: it’s my French A-Level tomorrow and I haven’t got round to revising.

I hate this dream with a passion, but it is almost worth having – almost – for the sheer relief I feel when I wake up and remember I never have to do another exam in my entire life. And that the only French I need to remember involves the words ‘du vin’ and ‘s’il vous plait’.

As millions of men and women across the globe head into their own exam seasons, I sigh a little gasp of relief that that is all behind me.

For those coming up to their final exams, however, this is really only the beginning of a period of their lives that has all the ingredients to be super-stressful.

With this in mind, we decided to approach it slightly differently this year, and have been quizzing some of the best brains in the business to help those of you studying through your exams, and out the other side into an uncertain jobs market (with a few graduation ceremonies to celebrate in-between).


Preparation is vital, but a healthy dose of inspiration never goes amiss. Features editor Carolyn Gregoire delved into the archives for Steve Jobs’ ever-brilliant Stanford commencement address and this now-iconic 2005 commencement speech from David Foster Wallace.


If you’re one of the many preparing for exams, a huge good luck. We’d love to hear how you get along. Email ukstudenteds@huffingtonpost.com with your stories, and we’ll add as many as we can to the site.

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