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How to Score High in JAMB CBT

Are you writing JAMB CBT this year? Don’t be afraid, I will quickly show you how to score high in JAMB CBT this year.


I have explained this severally on this website. In JAMB CBT exam, all the questions for your selected four (4) subjects as well as the answer sheets are on the computer. You’ll be required to read the questions directly on the computer monitor and choose the correct options by clicking the radio button. Read my JAMB CBT Tutorial.

I had the opportunity to invigilate JAMB CBT examination last year at the University of Calabar and from the experience; I am in a better position to advice candidates on what to do.

Here are my tips on How to Score High in JAMB CBT;

  1. Prepare for your Exam: There is this old (and trending) adage “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Lack of preparation is an automatic failure. JAMB has given you syllabuses to cover in your subject area. Do nothing less than to cover these syllabuses. I earlier wrote an article on how to Score High in JAMB Use of Englishclick to read more.
  2. Know the JAMB Marking Scheme: Most students just write exams without taking cognizance to marks awarded to each question. Sometimes most questions (especially in use of English has priority over others). Your ability to understand JAMB marking scheme will definitely give you an edge to score high in your JAMB CBT
  3. Arrive at the venue before time: Please, Please, Please, for whatever reason, do not go late to your JAMB CBT venue. Why? There are so many reasons behind this – You have to be sure that you locate your computer seat, relax your mind and wait for the start command by the invigilator.
  4. Learn JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial: I had written a step-by-step tutorial on JAMB CBT. Read it here. Even if you’ve not touched computer before, this article will give you a fresh an informed insights on how to use computer to answer questions in an examination setting.
  5. Learn more about Computer Based Testing Sifting: Writing examination on computer is a bit different from writing on paper and pencil. CBT demand that candidates should be highly meticulous to simple details. The more you know more about Computer Based Test, the more you’ll score high in JAMB CBT.
  6. Note your Examination Duration: This is very important! Remember, once you click on “Start”, your time on the computer system starts to count down. You have to be able to manage your time so as to finish up all the questions.
  7. Do not Forget to Submit Before you Stand up: Please remember to click the “SUBMIT” button (if available) so as to ensure that you have submitted your answers. It will be very bad for you finish your examination without submitting it.

With the simple tips above, you’ll be able to score high in your JAMB CBT this year.

Do you have questions? Share them with me; I will be very happy to answer you accordingly. Do not forget to share this post to your network.

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  1. Hi! Thank you very much for this awesome piece of advice. This is my second jamb and its the first time i’ll be taking the cbt exam. i’m doing the basic science subjects (Maths Physics and Chemistry) i want to know if we will be given some kind of worksheet in the exam hall for calculation?????

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