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How to Recover your JAMB PIN and Serial Number for Lost Card

For one reason or the other, you card might be lost. In this post, I will quickly show you how you can recover your JAMB card PIN and Serial Number. Follow the step-by-step guide to know how to retrieve jamb registration number now or how to recover jamb registration number or how to retrieve pin to check jamb result.

How to retrieve jamb pin and serial number

Before you can check your JAMB result, you need to supply the following three things; 1. JAMB registration number, 2. Card PIN, and 3. Card Serial Number.

How to Recover your JAMB PIN and Serial Number for Lost Card

Simply follow the steps below;

  • Visit http://www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme4/PINRecovery.aspx
  • Supply you information as shown in the picture below;
  • Click on “Recover PIN”
  • You are done

Recover PIN

Your card information will be given to you. You can now use it to check your JAMB result.

Hope this helped. Tell us how it goes in the comments section.

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  1. I lost my jamb slip and I couldn’t remember my reg number…..pls how can I get it?

    1. Go to the place you did registration. They will search for your jamb number for you. Success!

  2. How can i validate my jamb registration number for 2015… Pls help… I need it to process my admission before 1nov.. 55364782bf.. My registration number

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