Reasons Why Student Practice Cultism

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Why student join cult group
1. Ignorance:
When I first entered the University, couple of guys meets me, they were cultist. They took me out, introduced me to girls, defended me when anybody looked for my trouble and most of all, they told me false reason why I needed to join them.
I was new and I knew nothing, it was not until someone sat me down and lectured me on the dangers of joining a cult group that I finally understood what it really was.
A lot of students have joined secret cults in pure ignorance. They were lured to the meeting by an old member under the guise of escorting them to “somewhere”. And once initiated, denouncing your membership is never an easy option.
2. Popularity:
People love the feeling of been feared, they love the feeling the feeling of been popular negatively and to achieve this, they simply join up because they want to be popular and dreaded by other students on campus.
The result as we all know is that they end up living in a perpetual state of fear and hiding from rival cult members.
3. Revenge:
In my third year in school, a guy in his second years joined a cult group because another cultist molested him and his girlfriend several times in campus, so he joined.
Revenge against others is another major reason why students join cults. In a bid to get back at those who had wronged or injured them, they join cults and hide behind its shadows to perpetrate their dastardly acts.
4. Search for protection:
This is actually the major reason why student join cult especially in schools. When they get molested every day by other cult group, they resolve into joining them.
They join cult groups in the quest to be protected from being intimidated by others especially cult members. After joining these cults they soon discover that they are not being protected at all but instead their lives have been kept on the line.
5. Peer group influence:
You know what they say, Bad company corrupt good manners, and this is so true. You see someone who has been good at home but when he minges with people, they turn into something else.
Many students join cult groups following persuasion from their friends who are already members. This is why it is very important to keep the right company of friends at all times.
6. Desire for brotherhood:
People feel they should become to something, this notion is common with student who has low self-esteem, due to the fact that they’re lonely, they seek to become to something. Here they pledge their allegiance to love and defend each other.
7. Perfect bad habits:
There are people who just bad and they’re looking for a platform to express this bad habit; the available platform for this is a cult group. Most of the student who falls under this category is student who are always looked up, who are not given freedom at home. This type of people has secretly learnt bad habits from an early age easily join cults groups as a cover to perpetuate their bad character.
8. Quest for power:
Many students want to feel superior and more powerful than other students, so they join cult groups to give themselves this false feeling of superiority.
Effects and consequence
• Death: many cult members end up paying the ultimate price for belonging to such groups. On daily basis cult members kill each other on grounds of supremacy and revenge.
• Loss of limbs: Cultists also lose their limbs during violent clashes with other cult groups. These cultists use dangerous materials to carry out their atrocities, in the process maim those targeted.
• Destruction of health: Cult members engage in different forms of drug abuse and careless behavior. These actions tend to destroy the body system and cause adverse health conditions.
• Poor academic performance: Cultists also experience poor academic performance in school. They skip lectures and have no time to read their books. This explains why many cultists end up spending more years than expected in the University.
• Bad reputation: Cultists have a bad reputation wherever they go, no body regards or respects them. They are always despised by their families and the society at large
• Expulsion from school: Tertiary institutions have very low tolerance for cult activities and so any student found belonging to a cult is usually expelled from the school.
• Prison time: Belonging to a cult group is a criminal offense and so any individual found to belong to a cult is made by the courts of law to face prison time.
• Lack of peace: Cult members lack peace as they are always on the lookout for rival cult groups. They hardly stay one place because they fear for their security.
• Spiritual problems: The voodoo ritual practice by cult groups brings untold spiritual implications on their wellbeing. They face all manners of spiritual attacks in the course of their lives.
• Shame and embarrassment: Cultists bring a lot of shame, embarrassment and pain to their families. Parents are being tagged as bad parents or parents of armed robbers. Cultism has also made many parents lose their children to ultimately death
Ways of Preventing Cultism
1. Proper campaign on the negative effects of cultism: at all sphere of the nation, people particularly the young ones should be appropriately educated on the dangers of cultism. If individuals, particularly, students learn of the effects of cultism they are less likely to want to indulge in it.
2. Effective security in schools: School administrations should make sure that they provide effective security measures in school environments to protect students from harassment and intimidation from others, when this happens students will not feel the need to seek protection by forming or joining cult groups.
3. Good parental upbringing: Parents should put in good effort in bringing up their children so as to ensure that they don’t imbibe bad characters that encourage violence. Children must be taught the values of good morals.
4. Severe punishment for cult activities: Authorities at all levels must ensure that they met out severe punitive measures on acts of cultism to serve as deterrence to others.
5. Encouragement of academic exploits: Everyone in the society must join hands in providing conducive learning environment For students as well as supporting activities that encourage learning, this will make students focus more on their education and be less distracted by other things such as cultism.
6. Avoidance of bad company: Students must avoid keeping bad friends, so they don’t get influenced into indulging in negative behavior.

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