Quality education will make a difference in the new tough Nigeria – Olashore

Prince-Abimbola-OlashorePrince Bimbo Olashore, the Chairman Board of Trustees of Olashore International School, has disclosed that quality education will make a difference in the new tough Nigeria, given the unprecedented level of challenges in the global and Nigerian economy, as well the compelling need for Nigeria to be more globally competitive.

He made this known at a strategic education round table in Lagos, where he said; “Education is not only vital for economic growth, but crucial to development.

Education in this age is more important than ever, because in a global economy a better educated citizenry can better confront the challenges and opportunities created by greater economic integration.

Investment in education is not only pro-growth, it also offers developing countries a route out of poverty and educational inequality.

“The alarming fall of oil prices matched against the alarming slide of the Naira has revealed the fundamental weakness and underbelly of the Nigerian socio-economic structure.

This can only be corrected long term by a workforce that have a strong and well – rounded educational grounding,” Olashore said. Nurturing of children In a follow up presentation, the Principal, Olashore International School and an international educational expert, Mr Derek Smith, explained that the school is at the fore front of raising leaders and nurturing children to their full potentials while equipping students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. His words; “We believe in academic excellence. It is the bedrock of what the school stands for.

We also have a unique and seamless blend of education and technology and we recently introduced the use of iPads by both teachers and students in the classroom.

By the time we add other activities such as music, drama, discipline, leadership and the likes, we will have taken secondary school education in Nigeria to levels never reached before.” Continuing, Olashore added, “while there is paramount need to manage Nigeria’s oil resources more efficiently and create more wealth opportunities, there is an even greater need to invest more in education, especially because it is less obvious or less glamorous.

Countries that are paying priority to education, have been able to create a steady stream of human capital that are managing all other aspects of the economy and indeed society.

“It is only through a sound educational system that sound leaders, as well as a productive workforce, can be developed over the course of time.

We are now operating in a new knowledge economy where the factory is moving away from physical buildings and large infrastructure. The brain is the location of the new age factory.”

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