Prof. Anthony Owan-Enoh Appointed New CRUTECH’s Vice Chancellor

CRUTECH – Prof. Anthony Owan-Enoh, the immediate past Provost of the Cross River State College of Education and Professor of Philosophy of Education, has been appointed by Cross River state governor, Liyel Imoke, as the new Vice Chancellor of Cross River State University of Technology, CRUTECH.

Government announced the appointment in a release aired on state media outfit, CRBC. Owan-Enoh takes over from Prof. Enebong E. Enebong whose five-year tenure ended last month.

However, the appointment is generating controversy as there are mixed feelings and opinions concerning his appointment.
some sources maintained that due process was not followed and that Owan-Enoh may have enjoyed Executive support over and above others considered.

One source said , “we are happy that government has brought him to CRUTECH to replicate the good work he left behind in COE here. He has even promised us that within 24 months, he is going to give CRUTECH an ultra-modern library”

Again another source pointed to the fact that, “atleast this man will be able to play the politics that the former VC was unable to play. He will be able to go to the governor and not always wait to be intimidated by the Education commissioner. He is a politician like all of them and he will run this school well”.

Perhaps too, the issue of non-payment of CRUTECH staff salaries since the beginning of the year, will be tackled as it was earlier reported that the absence of a VC has been one of the reasons behind the non-payment of salaries.

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