7 tips to Prepare for the GMAT Exam for Business School Aspirants

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Identify weaknesses, leverage resources and practice anywhere between two to six months, are some of the recommendations delivered experts to prepare and thus gain access to a business school.

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Are you determined to apply for an MBA? You should know that, in addition to a good academic record, work experience and an acceptable level of English, many schools must take the Graduate Management Admission Test , better known as GMAT. That is, a test that many business schools seeking to enter its graduate programs, especially Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

It is such a complex test that proves to be the most feared by those applying for an MBA, according to a survey conducted in 2009 by the consulting Effective Inglés Advisers .

What does it consist of?

The GMAT measures verbal and numerical reasoning skills candidates and written analysis. The exam tests only the analytical capabilities of the applicants, not their knowledge of the economic area or business or management skills.

In the first test item (which is composed of three parts), the person must face a section of argumentative writing: the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), in which to write two essays. In one of them the student must analyze an argument and in the other a subject.

The second section of the test corresponds to the Quantitative Section . Here arithmetic, algebra, geometry and evaluated, for which it has a multiple-choice form.

Mathematics and logic, according the American Stephen Buchanan, owner of the consulting Educonsul is not so difficult for those who have followed, for example, engineering careers, and ensures that in this part do better to newly graduates university. “it’s the only positive in the application process for those who have no work experience,” he says.

The third and final part, called Verbal Section assesses the English language through exercises of reading comprehension, critical thinking.. “The test is difficult even for native English speakers, and logically Afrikaans actually fear,” says Buchanan.

Overall, the test lasts for three hours and a half, but should add 40 minutes of rest (20 between each section).

“The GMAT is required to enter schools world’s most prestigious business requirement,” says Buchanan. There are some schools that accept other tests or create their own, but the GMAT is the most recognized and accepted internationally.

How to prepare?

  1. Lose the fear

The GMAT is a simple test, and you will not play the life in it. Additionally, you can give up to five times a year, so it’s not so bad if not passed the first. And most likely to do well, but only if you have confidence, tranquility and effort.

2- Autoevalúese

It is important to identify what their weaknesses are. “So what subjects can be detected and examples will help improve these weaknesses,” says the director of admissions Spanish IE Business School , Julian Trigo. To be tested in the exam, the consultant Kaplan made ​​available a free trial in Internet.

Buchanan recommends focusing on improving those weaknesses rather than enhance strengths, as the test is adaptive, according to how they will answer, the computer is asking the questions and sets the level of the individual. “The first third of the examination is determinant, so the first 5 questions have to be answered correctly, “he says.

3- Take advantage of resources available

On the official website of the GMAT there are several resources to download. For example, very useful are GMAT Preparation Software or GMAT Official Guide to prepare the review, compiling questions already made ​​in previous examinations, many of which are repeated according to Buchanan in new versions. In Test-Taking Strategies , you can also find some tips to take the exam.

4- Get help

If it is within your means to invest in a training course, do so. It’s a good way to stay motivated by the study.

“It is essential to understand the structure and format of the GMAT. How to keep improving in scoring and maximize the hours of preparation is much easier if we do it with institutions that are dedicated to it, or people who have already achieved high scores on the test, “says Wheat.

There are several organizations dedicated to preparing candidates for this type of examination. Buchanan recommends that you have a specialized coach in GMAT, and “must be careful not to fall into an English school only notions of examination”.

5- Practice, practice and practice

Wheat says the GMAT is a test that requires intensive training and the person must constantly face all kinds of questions. “The questions may at first seem very difficult they are gradually looking more affordable. Testing and test leads us to acquire more security, thus generating less stress and ultimately be much more effective in the fight against time, “says Wheat.

Also, be aware that if fails to complete the test when the time is up, you will be penalized in the final score. So the more you prepare, not only achieved good answer, but also faster.

Spend time 6-

To acquire the basic knowledge needed as Buchanan, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks. But to ensure a good result, the work must be between 2 and 6 months.

Note that we are talking about estimated, assuming hard work. “When English is not spoken, then there has to be a work of about five years,” says Buchanan.

7- Rest, but stay tuned

For the day of the exam, says Trigo, the most important is to get rested. Sleep eight hours and avoid eating something heavy night. So avoid heartburn and other problems that can affect your performance.

Do not forget important things, like taking a picture ID, because if she will not be allowed to take the exam. It is also advisable to keep the codes of the targeted schools that want to send the score reports.

If you are very easily disruptive, you can order a headset to “hear the silence” for the test.

Did you feel prepared? If so, do not waste more time. Find the center nearest and schedule an appointment . If not, start practicing.

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