Practical Steps to Eradicate Examination Malpractice

The cankerworm of examination malpractice has indeed eaten deep into the fabrics of our contemporary society-no doubt.But it was not rampant in the 60s and early 70s in Nigeria.The question now is how did we get here?.The answer,as it were,is not farfetched.We have lost the core societal values of hardwork,honesty,and commitment.
The solutions are:
1.Government should revise the current educational curriculae being operated especially at the primary level to fall in line with current trends;
2.The standard or requirements for employment of teachers and instructors should should be raised.One cannot give what he does not have-“nemo dat quod non habet”.Some teachers I know can hardly express themselves muchless impart knowledge to others;
3.Seminars and other career improvement programmes should be organised for teachers nation wide on annual,etc,basis to help refresh and improve their capacities.Teachers’ general welfare must be reviewed to make it better;
4.Parents and guardians,as custodians of the child must assume their roles in imbibing moral and godly values in their wards.Their sholud be a total reorientation at the family level where evreything starts;etc… Read more on Practical Steps to Eradicate Examination Malpractice in our country.

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