Post UTME would soon be scrapped- JAMB Registrar

The Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of JAMB, Professor ‘Dibu Ojerinde, on Saturday said that the Post-UTME  would soon be scrapped.

It (post UTME) is there because people doubt the scores. But there is no need to doubt the scores now because we know it is genuine.

From last year’s exercise, 617, 000 candidates took the CBT and there was no single exam malpractice, a lot of them are in the university now and they even performed better than the paper pencil people. I know at the end of the day, it will be minimum examination malpractice and that may come as a result of lateness, which is regarded as malpractice because if you come late, we cancel your result. We will not allow you to do the exams and if you do the exams, we will cancel it. Parents to teach their child the ways of the Lord and when he grows, he will not depart from it. Teach them how to be punctual, teach them how to take their studies seriously, teach them how to obey laws and order and they will key into it for the rest of their lives. That is the beginning of the discipline that we’re talking about. Punctuality is a path of discipline that we want to impose on the lives of our children”.

Ojerinde also says that Computer-Based Test has reduce examination malpractice and other forms of irregularities.

“The introduction of the Computer-Based Test has reduced the level of leakages of exam papers. Anybody who goes out and says these are the questions they will ask me and that person believes that he is going in to meet the same kind of questions in the exam hall will be disappointed. He is not going to meet the same questions, so it is zero per cent leakage. I can prove that to you that examination malpractice has been completely reduced.

As the candidates sit by their systems, you can see them and their pictures on their screens. If a male is sitting down and you see a female picture, wouldn’t you know he’s not the right candidate? The system of biometrics will even expose them. The process of examination attendance list will expose them, so most of these problems that we encountered are gone.”

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