Post UTME Syllabus in I.R.K Islamic Religious Knowledge

This is complete Post UTME Syllabus in I.R.K Islamic Religious Knowledge for candidates who are writing post utme exam this year in various universities. So, if you are preparing for post utme exam, it’s important that you follow this syllabus while you are reading. Try as much as possible to cover it with text books and post utme past questions.


  1. Islam in West Africa

(A) Help of Trans-Saharan traders.

(B) Trade Routes e.g.

(i) Morocco through Sijilmasa

(ii) Tunisia through Agades

(iii) Sijilmasa through Gao and Timbuktu.

(iv) Tripoli through Fezzam

  1. Factors responsible for easy penetration and acceptance of Islam in West Africa
  2. Introduction of Islam to West Africa

(a) Early contacts of Islam and Africa

(b) Spread of Islam in West Africa.

  1. Islam in the Pre-Colonial African Empires

(a) Old Ghana

(i) Al-moravids or Al-murabitum

(b) Songhai

(c) Raah.

(d) Ranem Bomu

(e) Sagu Tokulor Empire and its influence.

  1. Islamic Resistance to French colonialism
  2. Islam in Nigeria

(a) The Jihad of Uthman Dan Fodio and cultural integration in Northern Nigeria.

(b) Introduction and spread of Islam in Yorubaland.

  1. The lives of some famous Nigerian Muslims

(a) Muhammad Bello

(b) Sultan Bello

(c) El-Kanemi

(d) Abubakr Mabmud Gumi

(e) Adam Abdullah el-hon

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