Post UTME Syllabus in C.R.K Christian Religious Knowledge

This is complete Post UTME Syllabus in Christian Religious Knowledge C.R.K for candidates who are writing post utme exam this year in various universities. So, if you are preparing for post utme exam, it’s important that you follow this syllabus while you are reading. Try as much as possible to cover it with text books and post utme past questions.

  1. Early European contacts in West Africa

(a) Christian Missions in Sierra Leone.

(b) Christian Missions in Nigeria

(i)   Portuguese Missionaries in Nigeria in the 15th Century.

(ii)   The Methodist, the C.M.S. the American Southern Baptist, the RCM, the Presbyterian Missions etc in Nigeria.

(c) Reaction of traditional rulers.

(d) Missionaries strategies and problems.

  1. Nationalism

(i)   The church as centre of African aspirations

(ii)   Henry Venn and African Nationalism.

(iii)  The advent of James Johnson and his

Ethiopian Programme.

(iv) James Johnson and the native pastorate.

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  1. The rise of African Independent churches.

(i)   Case studies of,

(a) The African Church

(b)        The Faith Terbanacle

(c)        The Apostolic Church

(d)        The Christ Apostolic Church

(e)        The Cherubim and Seraphim church

(f)         The Church of the Lord (Aladura)

(g)        The Celestial Church of Christ.

(ii)   Contributions of some important

African Religious Leaders: Bishop

Ajayi Crowther; William Wade

Harris, James Johnson, Sokari Braide,

Christianah Abiodun Akinsowon.

(iii) Christianity and the Democratisation Process in Independent Africa (Emphasis on Nigeria only).

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