Possible current affairs question for post utme

Having studied the current affairs parts of unilorin post-UTME, past questions from 2006 till date, I was able to deduce the following likely questions.

– #Questions on Nigerian constitutions- go and note the years of constitutions we ever had in this country.. e.g In 2009, A question like ” Sir Richard’s Constitution was introduced in Nigeria in what year A.1946 B.1950 C. 1964 D.1864. The correct Answer is A.1946
So, read up the dates of those constitutions.

– #Question on Nigeria History- they includes, dates of
independent, when Nigeria became a republic, when queen
Elizabeth visited Nigeria, Nigerian civil war date,amalgamation, names of past presidents and years of rule (starting from Lord Luggard),who designed the Nigerian Flag,who composed the Nigerian first and second anthem.

-# Nigerian Historical “First”- first ceremonial president, first hospital in Nigeria, first secondary school, first newspaper, year of movement of Federal capital from Calabar to Lagos and Abuja,first place where oil was discovered in Nigeria,first Nigerian prime minister.

– #Nigerian Financial Sector-when CBN was established, first CBN governor, current CBN governor, when Nigerians stop spending shillings and when Naira was introduced,when #10,#20,#50 polymer,#100,#200,#500,#1000 notes were introduced.

When paper money became a legal tender in Nigeria, when NYSC was established.

Read about this aspect very well, you cant afford not to answer at least 3 questions from this area. So smash it and make it a walk over.

-#Nigerian Coat of Arms and what each part depicts-

-#Nigerian states-the most populous, the state’s slogan e.g Lagos as centre of excellence, Oyo as the pacesetter state, kwara as state of harmony, Benue as the food basket of the nation. try to know all the 36 states including the FCT. The state capital of all states,The no of local govt in Nigeria, no of
senators and house of representative members,the current speaker and senate president.

– #Full meaning of acronyms like NAFDAC,INEC,ECOWAS,TETFUND,NFF,UNESCO,WHO,FIRS,ASUU,HIV,JAMB e.t.c also along with this,know the name of INEC Chairman, its Prof Atthairu Jega from Kebbi state not Orubebe ooo…lol! ok

You need to familiarize yourself with the name of current Jamb Registrar (Prof Dibu Ojerinde), current EFCC chairman (Ibrahim Lamorde), current CBN gov (Godwin Emefiele), current minsister for Eduation, (Ibrahim Shekarau), NAFDAC BOSS (Paul Orhi) e.t.c

– #Foreign and contemporary issues- when US white house
was attacked (Sept. 11,2001),When Ebola entered the country, Patrick sawyer entered Lagos (July 20th 2014,was announced Ebola positive five days after), first outbreak of cholera, When Chibok girls were abducted (FGGC, Chibok April 14th), dates of the last presidential election and gubernatorial one, largest
country in Africa by landmass (Algeria), by population
(Nigeria),no of countries we have in the world (196), no of African countries,when Mandela died………e.t.c


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