Ondo State Scholarship / Bursary Application 2013/2014: How to Apply

Ondo State – All Students of Ondo State origin in all recognized Federal, State, and Private Tertiary Institutions in the country are hereby informed that Application Forms for Ondo State Government Scholarship/Bursary Awards for 2013/2014 Session are available on-line for processing and registration.

Eligibility :
• Scholarship And Bursary awards are for registered full-time students in recognized Federal, Sate and Private tertiary institutions in the country.

• Regular Scholarship award are for students in second year and above with a minimum CGPA of 4.0 in the Universities or 3.5 in Polytechnics.

• Candidates for Regular scholarship will be subjected to online aptitude test at a date to be announced later (All students who passed the last aptitude test and received the scholarship are exempted from further examination, but must retain their CGPA of either 4.0 or 3.5 as the case may be).

• Law students in Nigeria Law schools are also to complete their application forms online so as to be qualified for the award.

• Physically challenged students in tertiary institutions (with evidence of their disability) are qualified for Handicapped Scholarship Award.

• Bursary award is open to all bonafide Ondo State Students right from their first year in their respective higher institutions.

• In completing your application form, you must submit only a 10 digit (NUBAN) bank account number. Only personal account will be accepted.

How To Apply
– To apply, log on to www.onssbo-ng.org then click on “Apply Now” menu to obtain your Application number through the onssbo portal.
– With your Application number, pay the sum of N500 to UBA Account number 1015895317 as Application and Processing fee. An additional sum of N50 will be paid as bank charges.
– Indicate clearly your application number and name on the bank teller.
– Complete your Application with relevant information and submit on-line.

Closing Date:

Monday 21st April, 2014.

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  1. I just need a little details on the ondo state bursary,which is meant specially for any ondos,who have been admitted into a higher institution of learning,yet,does not have an access to this financial aid.
    I want to know why is the privilege,only meant for the full time students in the university,but not extends to the bodies,who are running a distance learning programmes,in the same higher institution that many are enjoying this money.I think what is good for the goose is also good for the gander,distance learning student must also be considered,for this privilge,because they pay higher,and they must be financially assisted through this bursary..Many ondo state distance learning student drop out,not because they are not good @ study,but because,they can’t afford the huge amount of school fee..Please,let reason with this arm of ondos student and include their names for this privilege..Looking forward to hearing any good and reliable comment(s) from a reliable source, that can reasoning and effect a change on this complain!
    Greetings to all my fellow Ilajes and my fellow Ondos..God bless ondo state! Am a distance learning student of university of Ibadan.

    1. It sound bad,that is problem we nigerians are facing we have no selfless leader who can make things easy for us.what is difference between full time and counterpart is not government sponsor and individual sponsor.those part time they are paying ruge money more than counterpart government doesn’t considered it to my own perspective government is telling us that full time are citizens who have the rights to get benefits which constitution stated and counterpart are not citizen,I think this issus we should bring it to book for better discussion.I can’t say my mind all I think when the time come we shaLl see

  2. Why is our bursary allowance not yet paid? Please, see to it as soon as possible. Thanks

  3. I strictly adhered to all instructions during d registration period, but not yet credited, while my co-beneficiaries have been credited. ‘WILL APPRECIATE, IF ATTENTION IS BEING PAID. Thanks

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