Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria Ranks 116th Position on the 2015/2016 FOI Compliance Rankings

Latest nursing news reaching has it that the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Ranks 116th on 2015 FOI Compliance Ranking. The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria has Ranked 116th on the recently released Public private development center (PPDC) 2015 FOI Compliance and transparency Rankings.

The PPDC is recognized as one of the most active organizations in Nigeria that has utilized the freedom of information act 2011 to drive the demand and supply of publicly held information.

On proactive disclosure, the report noted that contains no information on its own procurement and other expenditure related information. Neither is there any information on the allocations made to it from the Federation Account.

Jude chiedu of nursingworld Nigeria reports that the PPDC made a freedom of information request for list of all the contracts awarded in the year 2014 and the procurement plan within its approval threshold for the year 2015. No response or disclosure was recieved. The current status of the request remains unresolved.

The public institutions listed were ranked based on benchmarks for disclosure within the Nigerian Freedom of Information Act, 2011. Specifically, these benchmarks are:

Proactive disclosure:

Full proactive disclosure is obtained where information on the procurement plans and capital expenditure of a public institution is found on their website. Where a part of this information is found, partial disclosure applied. Where there is no disclosure of procurement related information on the website of the public institution, there is no proactive disclosure.

Responsiveness to requests for information:

Where there is no full proactive disclosure, a request for information is made. Responsiveness to requests for information is ranked based on:

Response within 7 days – Green

Response with 14 days- blue

Response within 15 days to infinity – yellow

No response – red

Level of disclosure to requests for information. This is based on the following:

Full disclosure – Green

Partial Disclosure – Yellow

No Disclosure – Red

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