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Welcome to NOUN TMA Solution Center. Here you will get correct NOUN TMA answers. Score 100% if we work out your TMA for you. Are you a student of National Open University of Nigeria? Do you know the meaning of TMA? The full meaning of TMA is Tutor-Marked Assignment.

Each course that is offered in the NOUN has a course guide. The course guide contains different units.

Each unit in a particular course has tutor –marked assignments (TMAs) attached to it.

In solving the TMAs, you are to apply the knowledge of what you have learnt in the contents of the units.

Just like in the traditional university settings, these assignments are to be submitted to your instructional facilitator for grading.

Submitting are done online.


TMA Score Marking Scheme

In a particular course, you may be required to submit as many TMAs as possible. This is the only form of assignment you will need to do and submit to your instructor.

These assignments constitute 30 per cent of the total score for the course.

Tips to Score High in NOUN TMAs

Of course, you know how big is 30% to your grade. It’s very possible to score 100% in all the TMAs if you know how to do it. Follow the tips below.

  1. Download the course guide from the NOUN open eCourseware Portal.
  2. Make sure you read it thoroughly and understand the course
  3. Now, Login to your TMA portal and print the TMA questions.
  4. Answer the questions on the printed TMA questions with the help of the course guide
  5. Now, login again to your TMA Portal
  6. Use your answered questions to fill in the correct one on the portal
  7. Submit it.

If you are very attentive, you may score 100% in your TMA and this may boost your chances of getting a good grade after the final exam.


We Provide NOUN TMA Solution

Are you looking for help on NOUN TMA Solution? Are you very busy and you need someone to work and submit your NOUN TMA solution for you? If yes, let me know. We have experts from different fields. Their work is to perform in-depth research using the course guide and other materials to get the best answers to NOUN TMA.

How to Subscribe to NOUN TMA Solution

If you want to subscribe to NOUN TMA solution, call Examsguru Agent.

The cost of each TMA Solution is N1,000 only. We can give discount on bulk demand (from 10 TMA solutions and above).

Simply tell us your course code. We will get the course materials and work out the NOUN TMA Solution for you in no time.

Please note that we may charge extra amount for very urgent work.  Contact me on time and I will guarantee fast delivery. Success guaranteed.

See the open eCoureseware for all the faculties bellow.

National Open University Noun Courseware Access and General Studies –

National Open University Noun Courseware School of Arts and Social Sciences

National Open University Noun eCourseware – School of Science and Technology –

National Open University Noun eCourseware School of Health Sciences –

National Open University Noun eCourseware School of Agricultural Sciences –

National Open University Noun eCourseware School of Education –

National Open University Noun eCourseware School of Law –

National Open University Noun eCourseware School of Management Sciences –


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