NOUN Important Notice To All Students

National Open University of Nigeria Important Information to all Students.

1. Due to the fact that there will be election on the 21st of February, the Matriculation ceremony will not hold that same date as scheduled before. Visit your study center to know the new date for the matriculation ceremony. But other dates still stands for TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment), closing of course registration and Orientation of fresh students.

2. Some students complained of missing results. Please be patient as the remaining results will be uploaded soon.

3. For freshers that has been asking what TMA means. TMA stands for Tutor Marked Assignment. It carries 30% of your total grade. There are four TMAs for each course and the school uses the best 3 result out of the 4 to determine the TMA score. For example, if in GST 101 you score 7, 9, 4, 6, the school will take the best three (9, 7, 6 = 22 out of 30).

4. There is shortage of course material hardcopy, so the advice is to Download your course materials online via

You might decided to say whatever you like about NOUN or get busy with your software course material in preparation for TMA and Exams.

Important dates to note in the month of February, 2015

9th – 1st TMA

10th and 11th – Orientation of fresh students

13th – Course registration ends
16th – 2nd TMA

21st – Matriculation ceremony. Postponed

27th – 3rd TMA

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  1. I need the tma for September / October 2015 one hundred level and the course is css 111 , css121, CSS 131, css133, eco 121, cit 101, gst 105 gst 107 gst 101

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