NOUN Admission Requirements for Post Graduate Programmes

NOUN Admission Requirements for Post Graduate Programmes


Candidates seeking admission must possess either Bachelor Degree

Certificates or equivalent from institutions recognised by the Senate of

NOUN; or

  1. a) Holders of HND with a minimum of Lower Credit from institutions recognised by the Senate of NOUN.
  2. b)           Candidates seeking admission into the School of Law must possess a minimum of L.L.B degree.
  3. c)         candidate seeking admission for PGD Agricultural Extension and

Management must possess a Bachelor’s degree with at least 3rd class division is required. Candidates with pass degree and minimum of 3

years related experience may be accepted. HND holders in Agric

Science or other related disciplines may be admitted.   Holders of

Bachelor degree in basic Science, Biological/Earth Sciences, and

Agricultural Sciences from Universities that are recognised by

NOUN are admitable.

  1. d)         candidate seeking admission for the PGD HIV/AIDS Education and

Management must possess HND or a good first degree in related field of study. In addition, 5 credits in English, Mathematics, a

science subject and 2 other subjects.



  1. a)         A first degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower from a

University recognised by the Senate of NOUN in a related field or


  1. b)           A postgraduate diploma in a   related field from a University recognised by Senate may also be admitted.
  2. c)         A good honours degree in Education (Arts, Languages, Sciences, Social Sciences, Vocational and   Technical subjects) from any

University recognized by the Senate of NOUN.

  1. d) Prospective students seeking admission for M.Sc. HIV/AIDS Management are required to have PGD in HIV/AIDS education and management as well as 5 credits in: English and Mathematics, a science subject and 2 other subjects.


  2. i.           For the Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes, candidates must

possess a masters degree in relevant fields of study from a University recognised by the Senate of the NOUN with a minimum score


average of not less than 60% or a Cumulative Grade Point Average

(CGPA) of 3.5 on a 5-point scale.

  1. ii.         Candidates for PD Programmes will be invited for an interactive session before an offer of admission is made.

iii.         Candidates are advised to forward transcripts of their academic

records and three (3) referees report, 2 of which must be from persons very well acquainted with the candidate’s academic work, to the Dean, Postgraduate School from which admission is requested.



  1. i)         Five credit passes at SSCE/GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level must be in

subjects relevant to the proposed field(s) of study.


  1. ii)         A credit level pass in Mathematics is required for all sciences and technology, business education and science education programmes. A pass in Mathematics may be considered for social sciences programmes. Also a pass in English Language may be considered for Physics and Mathematics programmes.


iii)       Candidates applying for B.A. English, B.A. (Ed.) English and B.Sc.

Mass Communication must have a credit in Literature in English.


  1. iv)               Prior knowledge and relevant work experience (including first degree/HND/RN) may be considered for advanced placement and waiver.


  1. iv.           Candidates awaiting results of any relevant examination may also apply; they should however note that processing of application will not be completed until entry requirements are met.


Note: Candidates may be required to satisfy additional requirements by specific Schools.



  • As part of her mandate to increase access to Higher Education, the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) now offers a Remedial Programme at ‘O’ level to the Nigerian Public.
  • Students who are admitted into these programmes will be taught through the face-to-face mode for a full academic year after which they would sit for any National ‘O’ Level examinations of their choice
  • For a start, the programme would take off in three Study Centres of the University: Lagos, Kaduna and Kebbi respectively.

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