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NECO 2013 Biology Specimens

With the help of earlyface, the ExamsGuru Team wish to publish the  NECO 2013 Biology Specimens. Candidates are to understand that the specimens published on this is for preparatory use only and not meant to be used as expo or any other means. Below are the NECO 2013 Biology Specimens, kindly study the specimens and prepare of your exams.

NECO 2013 Biology Specimens

Specimen A:  Grasshopper
Specimen B: Cóckroach
Specimen C:  Agama Lizard
Specimen D: An Egg(fowl)
Specimen E : Housefly
Specimen F: Germinating bean seedling (seven day old with cotyledons attached)
Specimen G: Land snail
Specimen H:  Termite
Specimen I: Gizzard of bird(fowl)
Specimen J: Kidney of small mammal(rat/rodent/mouse)
Specimen K:  Liver of small mammal(rat/rodent/mouse)
Specimen L: Maize seedling(seven day old)
Specimen M: Rat/mouse
Specimen N: Mushroom
Specimen O: Cactus plant
Specimen P:  Bean seed infested with weevil
Specimen Q: Maize seed infested with weevil

Wish you good luck

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