MUST READ: Choosing The Right Field Of Study

The Field of Study you choose in an Higher Institution of any kind defines your future in so many ways, so it is always right we focus our research on this important areas;what interests us, the course content, the quality of the institution we want to get into, course requirements, cost of studying the course and the career opportunities.

First of all, I will like to say more than 50 percent of us regret our choice of courses after we have gotten really deep into it, and that is because most high schools (Secondary Schools) don’t deliver great career fairs to there students,that is ifcareer fair exists in the school.We just choose a course all because our friend chose it or because it sounds cool or our parents told us how relevant the course will make us.

Secondly, Our Parentshmmmm!Our Parents can’t be left out of this issue, because they play a great part in this life threatening “movie”, they focus mainly on the money, status, fame or respect the course will bring their children instead of getting to know exactly where the child fits, ask the child about his plans, interests, goals, visions and what not.

I was talking to a friend the other day about why he had to school so far away from home, andhe was like he didn’t get a say when it comes to picking an Higher Institution or a field of Study, he went on to say he wanted to major in Art but his father said it was not a serious course, that Engineering is a great choice so he had to major in a course he didn’t care about.
Please, make sure you take all precautions when it comes to choosing a field of study, although it might seem like an harmless mistake, but after few years you will start wishing wishes were horses, because sometimes it is nobody’s fault but ours. We pick our field of study all because out friends chose it or because it sounds cool or some other irrelevant reason, and when finally we realize our mistake, we start wishing we made the right choices.

On a last note, I will like to advice fresh high school graduates or any individual intending to apply to an higher institution, that he/she should make sure proper researches are done before choosing a field of study.

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