List of Characters in Last Days At Forcados High School – Revision

We have posted various revision and summary topics of 2015 recommended JAMB UTME novel written by A. H. Mohammed. This very article contain list of all names or Characters in Last Days At Forcados High School.

In our last post on the novel, we tried to expose secrets of answering questions that will come out of Last Days At Focardos High School. And to further bring the revision to the CBT platform, our technical staff compiled 27 CBT practice exam questions based on the novel.

Characters in Last Days At Forcados High School and their roles in the novel.

  1. Mr Mallum(The principal at forcados)
  2. Okoro(A Miserable bully at forcados)
  3. Bade(cane)
  4. The Rhymers(a grup of 5 boiz with lyrics)
  5. Eze(Jimi’s competition in chemistry)
  6. Caro(Jimi’s Girlfriend)
  7. Mama silifat(snack seller at forcados)
  8. Nene Ekpo(Jimi and Ansa’s friend)
  9. Mrs Alli(a resident on balogun street)
  10. Femi(wole and jimi’s brother)
  11. Efua Coker(funmi’s daughter)
  12. Funmi(Efua’s Mother)
  13. Aunt Moni(Efua’s Aunt)
  14. Pastor Ekpo(Nene’s Father)
  15. Mrs Ekpo(Nene’s Mother)
  16. Jimi Solade(son of Mr Solade)
  17. Wole Solade(son of Mr Solade)
  18. Risikat(Househelp of solade’s family)
  19. Mr Kola Solade(Jimi’s Father)
  20. Mrs Kemi Solade(Jimi’s Motther)
  21. Uncle kazeem(Relative of Solade Family)
  22. Uncle Sola(Relative of the Solade family)
  23. Ansa Izaegbegbe(Jimi’s skoolmate/neighbour)
  24. Seyi Lawal(The Head Boy at Forcados)
  25. Mrs Obange(Principal at St.Catherines)
  26. Rat-Face(Wole’s friend at the bar)
  27. Hadiza(Efua’s friend at St.Catherines)
  28. Dodo(efua’s friend at St.Catherines)
  29. Mr Vann(physics teacher at forcados)
  30. Jolly Stephens(Big Boy at forcados)
  31. Bayo(Jimi’s school mate)
  32. Miss Agbenenovi(Corper asigned to forcados)
  33. Mr Salami(English teacher ar forcados)
  34. Joke(A student at Forcados)
  35. Jide(A student at forcados)
  36. Icheen Igbo(Jimi’s rival at the 100m race)
  37. Mr Edet(Chemistry Teacher at forcados)
  38. Samu(The ice cream bar owner)
  39. Aunt Memunat(Relative of solade family)
  40. Aunty Omotunde(Relative of Solade family)
  41. Ada(a student at forcados)
  42. Mrs Tanimoro(The guidance counsellor)

It is obvious from the list above that the number of characters (names mentioned) in Last Days At Focardos High School were about 42. Share this list with your friends right now. Ask questions if need be.

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