5 Signs to know if you will Get Admission this Year or not

In this simple guide, I will show you how to predict of you will get admission this year or not. It’s just simple logic to help to predict your chances of getting admission this year.

Get admissionMany candidates are asking… “my JAMB score is 198 and I put UNIMAD as my first choice, will I be able to get admission?”

See… I am not God to predict the future whether you will have admission with low jamb score or not.  But, I have some few checklists that can help you to predict your chances of admission this year. See them below.

1. Check your JAMB Score: If your JAMB score in below 100, there is every tendency that you will not get admission this year except in a computer school or hair mechanic workshop.

On the other way round, if your jamb score is above 250, you have a higher chances of getting admission then. But that’s not all… Read more

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2. Check your School of Choice: Yes! many universities’ cut off points are very high that many candidates with low jamb score cannot even smell their gate.

So, check the cut off mark for your school to see if you are qualified. If your score meet the cut off mark, that means that you are one-step closer to getting admission into the school.

If your score does not meet your school’s cut off mark, then rush to do a change of institution now.

3. Check your Course and Number of Students that chose it: Many people want to be a Doctor or Lawyer in Nigeria. Because of this, you will see over 6,000 candidates applying for Medicine and Surgery in UNILORIN when the school can only admit 150+. What will happen to others candidates?

Believe me, they will fail to get admission this year. On the contrary, you chose a course that is less competitive, your chances of gaining admission is high. That’s a simple logic.

4. Post UTME Score: Like I always said… post utme is a serious roadblock for many candidates who want to gain admission into higher institution in Nigeria.

Many candidates will pass JAMB easily but end up having low post utme score. This is a serious matter because many schools use average between post utme and jamb score to determine the final admission consideration.

So, if you have a high JAMB score but low post utme score, there is every tendency that you will not get admission this year.

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5. Studying Pace: Having high score in both jamb or post utme, and meeting the cut off mark all depends on your ability to prepare for the exams. If you are lazy, you will not get admission this year unless your uncle is a VC in the school.

So, buckle up and increase your reading pace. Luckily, we have past questions that you can use the know how the exam will look like.

I have also published tips on how to effectively use past questions to your advantage. So what are you waiting for? Download Post UTME Past Questions for All School Here;

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