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How to Get Admission with JAMB Score is between 100 -200 jamb score this year

In this post, I will guide on How to Get Admission with JAMB Score is between 100 -200 jamb score this year JAMB Score between 100 -200 In 2017 UTME – Your Next Step. If you jamb score is between 150 -179, there is still hope for you.  See the 4 Things to do if your JAMB Score is between 1100-200 Aggregate to Still Get Admission this year. Read this and get help.

check jamb result

I have been offline due to one issue or the other but I do hear the news and communicate with them via twitter chat. Etc.. Now am here to help u in fact help ourselves all.. Now listen..

Jamb cut 120 for university both state and federal universities and 100 for polytechnic institute.. And also federal government have regretted banning post utme exams all in the name of fighting corruption but funny enough ” nay the banning of utme made waec record high success last year and people who are not fitted for university suddenly gain admission all in the name of olevel grade of A’s &B’s while the credit students are made to cry hell.. Now eye don open.. Now analysis..

** 120 cut off mark means that university can decide to take it or leave it, thank God jamb no say nay by force at least it stated “that u universities are free to decide ur own choice of cut off mark but don’t go below 120..

The reality is that no federal universities in Nigeria will stoop so low to take such when they are competing for best university in west Africa &Africa… The moment the Vice chancellor of university of Ibadan,TiaSholarin university and university of Nigeria laugh and said never.. Is either 200 or nothing.. Others joined the league.. Even if they want to mercy for candidate they will go 180.

Polytechnic like yabatech institute in Lagos, will never accept 100 is by chance they took 150 last year now they will stand on 180 and polytechnic like Nekede IMO polytechnic, kwara poly etc. To be honest with u is only state university that will abide by it, cause they themselves know how candidate run away from them due to their high school fees of #150,000+ ..now listen.

NOTE:!!! ASUU Strike won’t affect admission screening exercise aptitude test.. So don’t use Asuu strike as an excuse to fail or not to study.

* all federal university and some federal polytechnic will take utme exams .is now called aptitude test screening. Even though federal government told them to decide if they should hold it 2018 or this year. But powerful institution stick to this year, cause this year set of fresher are nothing to write home about.. Having 5 A’s and having E in GNS course.

* Many university exam are like jamb, that is to say the same subject you wrote in your jamb is the same you will write in utme.. Such university that those that are

1UNN (University of Nigeria Nsukka)
2.FUTO(Federal university of science &technology owerry)
3IMSU(IMO state university)
4.UNIZIK and many more..
* university that decide what you write in your utme exam are
1.University of Lagos (unilag) u will write further math /math mixed, biology, English language, general paper (combination of current affairs, biology, economic) so u that is not good in math will now have to date math. Irrespective of ur course, is general.
2.Lagos state university (Lasu)
5.University of Ibadan, OAU, Unilorin, etc.

..* Now pls if you choose any of those university that decide what subject u write in ur screening, I will beg u to start studying and try downloading 2005-2015 past questions of the institution or collect ur friends owns who are are in year2, or buy 4in1 success edge in any book shop nation wide, just tell them ur department before u purchase it, in other to avoid wrong department buying it cost #1200 or more..

*WHY POST UTME IS 100% GOOD AND NOT GOOD, cause for every good there is bad..

* utme exams help curb unserious candidate out, is what u read u get.
* utme exams result comes out with departmental cut off mark ,after that merit list shows up
*it helps u know what point to aim cause ur jamb point is low wen divided.
*It makes you realize that u have 2000+ competing for just 240 space class room and in other to be among such luck candidate u will have to extra study.
* everyone irrespective of ur C, A, B’s in ur olevel is equal is only ur jamb score plus ur utme score that speaks.. Now bye bye to grade discrimination.
* There is no room for cheating. Seen exam questions nay fire, impossible
*impersonation is difficult to carry out.

* If you don’t study u fail and then ur parents will have know choice but to runz it for u.. Spending close to #70,000+ is that not someone 2years school fees?.
* The stress of traveling and going through hand of strangers .

1.NOTE:! pls for those of you that have low jamb score from 200-250 and going for competitive course like law, medicine, mass communications, and u know fully well that ur state is not among ur choice of institution pls kindly purchase change of course form to avoid tears, same goes with those with catchment catchment areas

2. uploading of jamb result is for those who have not yet done theirs and jamb mistakenly rearrange things so it affected the other who have uploaded theirs during registration.. To be honest with you that is not a problem but it will be a problem if you submit the wrong one during your utme exam registration.

…..:*†*SenGin *†**Words of wisdom.

* start studying from today on.

*start contacting people who are reliable sources and a students of the institution u choose.

* start calculating your budget and expense,minimize how u spend money especially if you are the one supporting urself financially.

* Get serious and stop chatting with time waster people, shun and lock up ur heart and open up ur mind and soul to murder ur utme once and for all.

*for those going to East university post utme exam like uni like UNN, UNIZIK, ABSU, ESUT, IMSU budget #12,000 including feeding & transport fees.

* set time table and create 23minutes everyday where u have private discussion with God (prayers) I bet u, u will call me to thank me.

*be close to people who are also aspiring for the same institution as urs but pls be care not every human have good intention, some are destiny destroyer and time waster “they shall not come near u by God protection “.

* For now take a serious break from social media and study, but keep checking ur choice of institution website and portal for up to date information. And never on any circumstances depend on anybody, even me myself am busy so before I will see ur message, time for don fly.

*pls make 5 photo copies of your jamb result (not original o), Waec/Neco result, date of birth in fact all ur academic credentials..

*Make sure u have both red and white background passport total should be 16.(8red, 8 white).
* Make sure you have collected your secondary school testimonials from the secondary school u finished from and state of origin certificate. Go to ur state liaison

office in the state you reside, but if u reside in ur state then go to ur local government and collect it.. It cost #1000-#1500 .

..I wish you all successful exams and safe trip to each and everyone of you going for exams.

Note: you can either message on Facebook or call me 08036000034..calling time is strictly 9am-7pm anytime outside what I have mentioned I will bounce the(cut

the call) call on you straight up .
*Happy matriculation

Apparently, you did not meet the cut-off mark that is acceptable in any known university but that does not mean you cannot secure any admission this year.

You may have concluded that a polytechnic is your best option at this point. However, you can still gain admission into 200Level in a University. Yes! You read right, a university. Have you heard about IJMB Programme? IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board, while IJMBE is the “Examination” itself. IJMB is an Advanced-Level (A-Level) Course, which you take for 9 months, after which you take a final exam that gives you a certificate.

With the certificate obtained at the end of the programme, you can apply for admission into 200 Level in institutions like UNILAG, ABU, UNILORIN, UNIPORT. See full List of Universities Accepting IJMB.

However, if you still want to settle for a polytechnic, the first step to take now is to verify if you have the required cut-off mark for your course of study in the polytechnic you selected during UTME Registration.

The information gathered will enable you know if you are to go for JAMB change of course or institution.

Also you have the hurdle of post UTME to deal with. Experience has shown that most institutions usually repeat their post UTME questions. That means that studying with a post UTME past questions would be of great help. You can download the post UTME past questions of your school of choice

This will equally subscribe you to our one year SMS alert which will notify you via your mobile phone the moment your post-UTME date of your choice institution as well as other relevant information is announced.

Don’t forget also that you need to obtain your JAMB Original Result Slip. This is the only officially recognized JAMB Result and you will definitely require this for your Post-UTME.

JAMB Change of Course or Institution 2016/2017 has begun. Click here to Apply

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