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1. The umbrella-shaped fruiting body of a fully developed mushroom is the
A. mycelium B. basidium C. pileus D. stipe

Use the diagram below to answer questions 2 and 3.

2. The processes of water loss and intake indicated by the arrows labelled I and II are respectively
A. evaporation and osmosis
B. exhalation and osmosis
C. osmosis and diffusion
D. urination and diffusion.

3. A noticeable adaptation of the animal to its aquatic habitat is the possession of
A. webbed digits B. four limbs C. a wide mouth
D. large eyes.

4. The similarity among organisms belonging to the group will be least within each
A. order B. family species D. kingdom

5. Hermaphroditic reproduction can be found among the
A. annelids and molluscs
B. pisces and amphibians
C. coelenterates and platyhelminthes
D. arthropods and nematodes.

6. One distinctive feature in the life history of liverworts is that they exhibit
A. vegetative reproduction
B. alternation of generation
C. sexual reproduction
D. asexual reproduction.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 7 and 8.

7. Food is stored in the structural labelled
A. Ill B. IV C. l D. II

8. The structures that are common to both plant and animal cells are labelled.
A. II and Ill B. Ill and IV C. IV and I D. I and ll

9. The cell component that is present in a prokaryotic cell is the
A. ribosome B. mitochondrion
C. chloroplast D. nuclear envelope.

10. In the egg of a bird, the embryo is located in the
A. yolk B. embryo disc IV C. chalaza
D. albumen

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