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JAMB Past Question on Biology for Year 2002 in PDF

Download original and up-to date JAMB Past Question on Biology for Year 2002 in PDF here.

Are you writing JAMB CBT this year? If yes, you need to have the original JAMB Past Questions and Answers for year 2002 That that the most recent update. It’s complete and up-to-date with answers.

Here is the sample copy for the JAMB Past Question on Biology for Year 2002 in PDF.

1. When oil is poured into the breeding site of mosquitoes, it
A. slows down egg development
B. suffocates the pupae
C. kills the adults
D. deprives the larvae of water.

2. A flower that has both statements and pistil is said to be
A. perfect. B. imperfect. C. staminate. D. pistillate.

3. An Amoeba and an unlaid chicken egg are
A. organelles. B. animal tissues. C. organisms.
D. single cells.

4. In corns, food is usually stored in the
A. root B. leaves. C. buds. D. stems.

Use the diagrams below to answer questions 5and 6.

5. Ovoviparity is the type of fertilization exhibited by the organism labelled
A. IV. B. Ill. C. II. D. I.

6. The correct evolutionary sequence of the organisms represented is
A. IV —> II —> III —> I. B. II I—> II —> I —> IV.
C. II —> III —> IV —> I. D. I —> Ill —> II —> IV.

7. The animals that move by means of flagella include
A. Planaria and Amoeba
B. Paramecium and Planaria
C. Chlamydomonas and Euglena
D. Amoeba and Hydra.

8. The structures found only in plant cells are
A. cell wall and chioroplast.
B. cell membrane and lysosome.
C. chromatin and nucleolus.
D. cell membrane and cytoplasm.

9. To select and retain the desirable trait of large body size which a farmer has observed in his herd, that farmer need to
A. prevent diseases in his herd.
B. inbreed the animals in his herd.
C. feed the animals in the herd with more food.
D. cross-breed his animals with a different herd.

10. If XN is the dominant allele for normal vision and X the recessive allele for colour-blindness, a boy with the genotype YX will
A. be totally blind. B. have normal vision.
C. be a carrier of colour-blindness.
D. be colour-blind.

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