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1. A characteristic of vertebrates that is unique to mammals is
A. the presence of pentadactyl limbs
B. the possession of scrotum
C. parental care
D. pulmonary circulation.

2. The most recently evolved structure in animals is the
A. feather B. cilium C. scale D. hair.

3. The order in which organic evolution has progressed in plants is
A. thallophyta, schizophyta, bryophyta, pteridophyta and spermatophyta
B. bryophyta, pteridophyta, spermatophyta, thallophyta and schizophyta
C. pteridophyta spermatophyta, thallophyta, schizophyta and bryophyta
D. schizophyta, thallophyta, bryophyta, pteridophyta and spermatophyta.

4. Coelom is absent in the class of animals termed
A. molusca. B. coelenterata C. arthropoda
D. reptilia.

5. Which of the following features are all associated with monocots?
A. Fibrous root system, branched network of veins and one seed leaf
B. One seed leaf, petals in threes or groups of threes and parallel venation of leaves
C. Fibrous root system, two seed leaves and floral parts in trees
D. One seed leaf, net-veined leaves and petals in trees multiples of tree.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 6 and 7

6. The part labeled II is the
A. fore wing B. thorax C. silk thread
D. anchor.

7. The part that will develop into an organ for feelings is labelled
A. I B. II C. Ill D. IV

8. The set of fins that controls steering, balancing and change of direction and pitch in fish is
A. dorsal and anal B. caudal and dorsal
C. pectoral and pelvic D. anal and pelvic.

9. Peripheral arrangement of vascular tissue in dicots is a characteristic of the internal structure of the
A. leaf B. petiole C. root D. stem

Use the diagram below to answer questions 10 and 11

10. The gas occupying the space labelled I is
A. carbon(IV) oxide B. nitrogen C. oxygen
D. hydrogen.

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