How was your JAMB Exam?

I want to use this medium to congratulate all my readers, friends and members of who have supported themselves and others in the preparation time.

Now, you’ve completed your JAMB exam, tell us: how was it?

Just share your experience in the comments section. We love you all.


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  1. D exam waz simple bt ma score waz dratically reduced 2 196 instead of 256 as i got wen i lata went tru d questions nd found d ansas in diffrnt text bukz n past questions

  2. pls did all type is dsame…….. I was wright english paper G, nd dey send english paper F…. Pls is it dsame ?

  3. well as 4 me de exam question x ok o.. Nd i tank god 4 de english why i said dat x because it was de novel dat i read x de 1 dat came out.

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