JAMB e-Facility card to Check JAMB Result – Buy it Here

You can now buy original jamb e-facility card from us to check your jamb results, print original jamb result and jamb admission letter with your passport on it.  We have the e-facility card and it’s available for both single purchase and  bulk purchase.

What is JAMB e-Facility Card

JAMB e-facility card is simple a card that contain and personal identification number (PIN) and a serial number. The PIN and serial number is used to get access to JAMB post registration e-facility. See the picture below.

JAMB e-Facility card to Check JAMB Result - Buy it Here

Things you can do with JAMB e-Facility Card

  1. To check JAMB Result: You will use JAMB e-Facility Cards to check your jamb result with your passport on it. This is usually useful for candidate who have exceeded the number of times to check JAMB result for free.
  2. To Print JAMB Admission Letter: You can also use e-Facility card to print your original admission letter with passport on it.
  3. Acknowledge Slip Printing.

So, even if have business center, like cyber cafe or an individual candidate, we have the JAMB e-facility card in any quantity for you. We also have mouth-0watering discounts for bulk quantity purchase.

Cost of JAMB e-Facility Card

See the price breakdown below

  • 1 – 5 pieces of e-facility cards = N2,000 each
  • 6 – 20 pieces of e-facility cards = N1,800 each 
  • 21-100 pieces of e-facility cards = N1,500 each
  • 101 – 1000 pieces of e-facility cards = N1,300 each
  • 1001 plus – call us

How to Buy JAMB e-Facility Cards from us

If you need jamb e-facility card of any quantity, kindly follow the instructions below;

  • Pay to Ac: Ifiokobong Ibanga 2003316090
  • After payment, send your depositors name, quantity of e-facility card and email address to me via 08026529647. You can call ot chat me on whatsapp.

Mode of Delivery

There are tow modes of delivery for exam cards.

  1. SMS: if you buy less than 10 cards, I will send the PIN and serial number to you via text message
  2. Transport Companies: You can get the transport companies if you buy higher quantity of cards from us. Here, you only negotiate with a transport company that comes to Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Give  the driver my phone number and money (if you are afraid to pay into my account). When he arrives in Uyo, I will go and give the cards and collect the money.

100% Guarantee

We are Examsguru Team. We have been in this business for more than four years and we deliver. I personally guarantee you 100% delivery. Just inform me after payment and will follow it up immediately.


Note: If you have purchased e-Facility from me, kindly share your testimonies in the comments section. God bless you for doing that. Thanks.


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