JAMB Current Registration Situation Report 2017 Check Here

JAMB Current Registration Situation Report 2017 Check Here – The official JAMB registration has begun for the 2017 UTME. This thread gives you the situation report of what is currently happening on ground, as we monitor the entire process.

This thread is based on all the information we’ve currently gathered to ensure the smooth registration of JAMB candidates for the 2017 UTME.


Last Update Time:
11:51 PM, 20th Mar

JAMB Registration Portal Status:
Site is Accessible but Portal is available only at CBT Centres for UTME Only. DE, coming soon.

Accredited CBT Registration Centres
Find updated list of Recommended CBT Centres by clicking Here

JAMB 2017 Registration Template
To get the updated JAMB 2017 Registration Template, please click here. It is important to get this template before going to the CBT Centre for registration.

Mypastquestion’s Current Verdict
We advise you to go straight, and visit the nearest accredited CBT centres. A bank representative will be present at the CBT Centre to collect your money and issue you the e-Pin. Please ignore registering via any Mobile Device. You can’t thumbprint from there and It may be very unreliable.

You should get the updated JAMB 2017 Registration Template before going to the Accredited CBT Centre. Please fill it appropriately, so that you don’t make mistakes while entering your data at the CBT centre.

If you are close to any of the CBT Centres, you can take a stroll there to find out if you can get an e-Pin for your Registration. Then come back to this thread to let us know how the process worked for you.

What is happening at your side?

We are also relying on your input to let us know what Active Sales Points you visited to get an e-Pin, or what accredited CBT centre helped you with your e-Pin or Registration.

Use the comment section to update other JAMB Candidates.

Please be precise with the information you give and if possible, give exact location so we can help other JAMB Candidates.

Please also check this thread several times today, to see any update on the CURRENT SITUATION STATUS above.

Goodluck to all Candidates.


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