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JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial | how to write jamb using computer

Welcome to JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial. This tutorial will help candidates  that are often overwhelmed with fear of JAMB Computer Based Test. They often ask – How will JAMB Computer Based Test will look like? Will I be able to pass? Am I computer literate? How to answer jamb cbt exam. How to use CBT for JAMB, What are the steps on how to use computer in answering jamb questions? How to pass jamb cbt test. What will be on my computer screen on getting to the jamb exam hall?  What are things to be done to pass this forthcoming jamb? How is the nature of the computer base exams in jamb? What is the nature of the system that they will use in writing jamb dis year in Nigeria? How to write cbt jamb exam, where is the jamb computer based test past questions and so on.

This is a step-by-step JAMB computer based test tutorial on for candidates that are writing JAMB computer based testing in the forthcoming Joint Admission and Matriculation Board -Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB-UTME) 2015/2016.  This guide contains the procedures of using the computer in the current cbt jamb. Study this tutorial carefully and it will go a long way to helping you prepare and tackle the JAMB Computer Based Testing

how to write jamb using computer

Look at the picture below and take note of all the labeling. This is a sample screenshot of JAMB CBT screen. Study the features very well.

basic nouse use4

The Figure above shows the hypothetical exams testing panel for JAMB Computer Based Test. A clearer look at the figure above will highlight several buttons that you the candidates will need to know and what they are meant for.

JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial Steps

1. Candidates are advised to arrive at the examination venue on time.
2. Candidates are advised to sit on a system in an upright position with examination mood
3. From the JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial Panel figure above, you will see different functional buttons and areas
(a) Subject area: where the subject taken is located
(b) The Time (duration) for the examination
(c) Remaining time for the examination. Candidates are advised to check the time lapse and time remaining to be able to complete the exams on time
(d) Instruction area: where candidates are to check the instructions pertaining the exams

JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial :Basic Mouse Use

basic nouse use


basic nouse use2
(1) Put the heel of your hand on the table in front of the mouse. Hold the mouse between thumb and the ring fingers.Put your index finger on the left mouse button. (2) Move the tip of the arrow onto the underlined two. The arrow will become a pointing finger. (3) The arrow becomes a pointing finger. Hold the mouse still and lightly click the left mouse button with your index finger.

JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial :Click on the mouse

Slide the computer mouse to the running mouse. Slide the mouse sideways.
Do not turn it..
Then, click on the running mouse.


JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial :Learning about Radio Buttons

The circles below are radio buttons. This will be use as illustrated in the exams panel above, to select the correct answer

 Button 1     Button 2     Button 3

Click on them to test it.

How Do You Choose the Correct Answers?

Most times, the questions in computer based test are in the multi-choice format. This is called multi Choice Question where you will be required to pick the correct answer(s). For instance something like this appears on your screen:

Example:  Solve for y.

if y – 2 + 3y = 10

A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3
E. 2

You select one of the best answers by:
Pressing the letter on the keyboard,
Clicking the radio button with a mouse, or Use the Tab Key to move through the options and then pressing the space-bar to select an option.
Notice that only one radio button can be “on” at same time.
To move to the next page, click on the radio button below.

After clicking on the radio button that correspond to the correct answer. Click NEXT button to go to another question until you are finished. There is options for OMIT if you want skip the question for later consideration. For JAMB UME Use of English, you will need to the Best Way to Answer Jamb Use of English Questions

Candidates are advised to practice all JAMB Past Questions to be conversant with the pattern of the questions.

The nature of JAMB CBT Exam for this year

1. JAMB CBT Duration of Exam: The duration for the 2016 CBT exams has changed, although the number of questions are the same. This means you have to work with time while Practicing JAMB Past Questions. The new time is 2hrs 45Mins. The time in previous exams used to be 3hrs 30mins. We are still not sure what inspired the decision for shortening the time but it simply means you have to now work harder.

2. CALCULATOR: For the 2016 JAMB, you will be using what is called an “ON-SCREEN Calculator”. You will no longer be using physical, hard calculator. This type of calculator is the type you activate from the computer and you simply click on the values as you see them on the screen. It’s just like the type on your mobile phone. According to reports from candidates that wrote on 27th Feb, the button for the calculator is located at the bottom right corner of the JAMB CBT Environment. Just click on it and the calculator will appear.

If you want to practice how to use an “ON-SCREEN Calculator” on a computer system. Open the calculator from your computer, follow these steps;

i. Click on the start menu at the bottom left of your screen.
ii. Find and Click on “All Programs”.
iii. Find and Click on “Accessories”
iv. Then Find and Click on “Calculator”.
v. It should be very easy to use.

If the calculator you see now, is the type you see on the exam day, you can easily switch to the “Scientific” or “Statistics” part of the calculator by clicking “View” among the top menus in the calculator.

If you will be needing a calculator, you should practice using it before the exam to save you a lot of time and errors you can avoid by calculating using paper.

3. Rough Sheet: Some candidates have complained they were not given rough sheet, while others say they were given. Either way, you have to go prepared. We suggest, you make 2 extra photo copy of your Exam Slip. I believe you will be allowed to take this into the hall and you can use that as a back-up.

4. Log-Out Issues: Some candidates complained that sometimes, the system just logs them out of the exam. Don’t Panic! Just simply log in again by using your JAMB Registration Number or call the attention of an invigilator.

5. What CBT environment is like: According to a candidate, the mode of asking questions, and navigating is similar to the picture I used to explain above.

6. Circumstances beyond your control: There are some issues that may occur, which are way beyond your control e.g. Power Shutdown, Network or Server Issues e.t.c. In this case, you have to pray that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible by the staff of the centre.

7. GUESSING Software: There is really no guessing software. If you see your time is almost running out, do the best you can to select the right guesses and ensure you select an option for every question. You might just guess right.

8. We may UPDATE this number if there is any further solution to an experience we feel we should share so please come back later and reload this page from time to time to see if we have added any new thing on this number.

If you have any point you think we missed out, post it as a comment to inform others. We will monitor this thread to see if this publication needs to be updated with your point.

Hope this helped.

Important: Read 5 Things to Do After Seeing your JAMB Result

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  1. Yes a job well done! like now if a person is true with Use of English and wants to go to the next subject is the is it next the person will click or what sir ?!

  2. admin, pls help me I wrote my CBT on 3rd march 2016. the computer log me out with out me pressing the submit button will I see my result? now scared I need your help pls.

  3. Am very very grateful on what you people are doing here. My God will richly bless you people. It was indeed very helpful to me.

  4. pls sir my time still remains n i have finished my question den my tym remains 10min so wen i wanted to submit d system went off..pls is der anytin like automatic submit cos i havent cin my result since,i wrote my result 9:30 am feb 29 2015

  5. Sir i missed my jamb bcox am sick and dey post m in Abu Zaria and i head dt if u miss ur jamb go 2 d jamb office and complem so can i go or should go to my center in zaria

  6. I’m optimistic by Scientific observation, this method will not provide what is expected, because high percentage of Nigerian Student does not know how operate a Computer, and from Government site no effort was made so far, infact, some States did not even pay registration fees for her Students. Stake holders should do something judiciously. Thank You.

  7. but u have to study very hard, it is what u have in the store of knowledge that God will bring to your remembrance

  8. Do you know about Mathome Scholarship Scheme. I want to know if their registration has started and the procedure on how to gain the scholarship.

  9. I’ll right away snatch your rss as I can not find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.

    Do you have any? Kindly let me recognise in order
    that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  10. God bless you very much sir. u’ve answered all my questions except one. pls sir, can you still submit your answers when your time is up?

  11. Hello sir, may God bless u for ur wonderful work.But my question is, is it true dat admission will be given to all students dis yr, even though u didnt score upto 200,dat jamb is going to give u admission either in poly or college of edu.? Thank u very much sir.

    1. @ Favour, I haven’t heard that news. Anyway, it be a good thing if that happens. My dreams is to see you and others gain admissions this year.

  12. Sir. In computer base, can we Skip some question to another question and come back 4 it leter?like skiping English 4 CRK.

  13. Sir i applied for dbt test but i was told to reprint my slip on the 12th of April to know my exam centre and date which i did but during the afternoon, to my greatest surprise is to see the exam date to be the same 12th am so so so confused now. So am trying to ask if i can write the exam along with computer based students?

    1. I think PPT and CBT was held on Saturday 12th April, 2014. But, I never can tell because JAMB is far from being very organized in terms of these CBT things. Let it bot be that you’ve missed your exam. Scan the previous exam slip (photocard) and send to me mail4ifiokobong@yahoo.com. I will confirm something for you. By then, I will really know your case and how to solve it before 17th May.

  14. i heard dat it’s 30th of may 2014 after i have reprint…. Bt d date in my slip is 17th of may 2014

  15. How can jamb cbt examination and NDA examination be the same day on the 17th may 2014, pls tell me what to do.

  16. Good Job Sir MAY GOD REWARD U PERFECTLY…uve Answer Most Of My Questions But I Av 1 More Is It Possible To Select D Subject 2 Answer 1st I.e If Am Writing Eng An Am Nt Tru Can I Just Change To Math Durin Cbt Exam…..

  17. Sir am using cpt(computer and pepper)are we going to get our result dat same day. And are we going to set time by ourselves, what if u are not yet through and ur time expire what is d possibility of u scoring a nice grade. Is it like paper and pencil..
    Thanks God bless

    1. @ Eddie, The result will be out in about 24 hours or less, No- you are not going to set your time. Of course, you’ll need to submit your answers before the expiration of your time. Hope this help.

  18. Please, I will like to know if the JAMB CBT practice for 2014 has not been launched yet in the site(www.jamb.org.ng)provided. I have logged in dat site severally yet I cudnt find anytin,

  19. I pray that we all pass in Jesus Name. Pls anybody around Uyo here? Should pls indicate. Thanks

  20. i am benedicta osobah,he did mine last year so don't go else where,
    please where ever you are now looking for how to upgrade Your JAMB Result or looking for a special centre to write your exams and make good grades just email His secretary like now.
    CALL DIRECTOR:+2348078366264.

  21. hello,
    are you a jambite and you want answers for this present jamb exam in any of the subject you enrol kindly contact us for answers now 07051216290 and come out with a good score.I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST YOU WISH YOURSELF.

  22. hello,
    are you a jambite and you want answers for this present jamb exam in any of the subject you enrol kindly contact us for answers now 07051216290 and come out with a good score.I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST YOU WISH YOURSELF.

  23. Hmm…GOD help us,wishin every body success ad i also pray dat dis is d last jamb we ar about 2 write ,jamb wil naver b our portion again, (Amen )if u blieve say amen 2 dis.

  24. thank god that every one post there maind. But god knows how everythings will be.may almight make every body best of luck

  25. i am so admired by your works.
    making sure that the students are highly prepared for this year Jamb

  26. Sir,plz were re we 2 read?cos weneva i open ma book i gt confuse of were 2 start frm. Nd secondly if u ans a past question nd u score 30 dats frm ur own making,if jamb will mark it wad will b ur score?

  27. thanks you Sir for this, infact you’ve answered some of my questions already. but 1 other thing is that, like the mathematical aspect and physics, chemistry. will paper be available for calculation or calculator, and which type, is it scienstific calculator or…

    1. @ Godspower, we are very happy to have found solutions to some of your fears. In the examination hall, you’ll be given a calculator (not scientific) to do your minor calculations. Hope this helped

  28. Excuz me sir , wanna ask mayb dia is actual tym for a question , as in mayb for a question 1min, nd if u are nt tru wif d question dey will bring d next question .
    Question 2 , wot of if d waec or neco result is nt yet out b4 d post jamb hw are we gottha make thing..

    1. @ Akande, you can write JAMB with awaiting result. Your O’level result will be need by your school of choice during final admission screening

  29. Excuz me sir , wanna ask mayb dia is actual tym for a question , as in mayb for a question 1min, nd if u are nt tru wif d question dey will bring d next question .
    Question 2 , wot of if d waec or neco result is nt yet out b4 d post jamb hw are we gottha make thing

  30. Well,All I know is that God Almighty that does not fail will grant us success..God bless u sir…ITS WELL

  31. sir can we fill our 0’level rsult d day we ar going 2 reprint bcous i 4get 2 do dat wen am registring

  32. i dont jst knw Why i fell in dz CBT stuff..bt any way i hav no choice.. SIR my qust is..Do u knw of any university dat doesnt use jamb?

  33. Hw funny c hw ppl are remberinq dat God exist bcos of jamb…#wot more can i say,if u dnt ve it off heart,n u always ran awt of luck,i wonder wot u would write off hand

  34. sir, is they any kind of seminar for the CBT candidate to prepared them for the exam.if yes, where and when.


  35. U knw de reason why I registered cbt jamb. 1stly I registered ppt jamb buh de ma went away wit our money so b4 I could find awt its late and de only option is to register cbt hope I will make it…Well with all this am speechless.Lord I trust in u and I knw u will not forsake me.. Also Thanks alot sir 4 guidin us may God almighty continue blessing u

  36. Pls can we use jamb brochure 2 read or we shuld luk 4 past question nd hw can we get cbt past question?

  37. Pls am 1 of dis year candidate.can we use jamb brochure 2 read or we shuld luk 4 past question nd treat?

  38. Pls sir can we change d subjects we registered to write nd r schools collecting awaiting results

  39. Plz sir i dnt realy undastand d procedure of writin dis cbt s my first tym n hw wil sumbit n hw wil i use d radio button secondly wat if d cbt result s out n neco s nt out wil d jamb b a waste

    1. @ Grace, All results being it WAEC or NECO will be out before any school will do admissions

  40. only God can make the way for me to escape this year jamb exam such as He maked for the people of isreal light blc this is sixth yr of writing jamb and now CBT is now introduce i pray to God almight to help me time .thank u Jesus

    1. Hi, Emmanuel, just visit any market or bookstore nearest to you and buy it. It will be like =N=200 or so

  41. father in jesus name,for u av bin so kind to us tru over sec sch days,father let not ur kindnezz depart frm us in jesus glorious name

  42. what happens wen u didnt click d submit button and u run out off time?? Will d system automatically submit it?

    1. Hi Nnadi, Of course you know what happens when you write an examination without submitting the answer script.

  43. There will be many
    students how will not submit their answers
    after the exam is over and probably the
    system will time them off and stop them.
    The question is whether after time over, the
    application will submit all the answer you
    have before the time over or whether it will
    penalize you for not submitting your
    questions on time??

    1. Ho Emem, there is nothing to be scared of. Just touch a computer before the examination and go through this tutorial and you shall succeeds.

    1. @ Ajileye, you will be give a calculator and plain paper for calculation and jotting purposes respectively.

    1. @ Elizabeth, You can start now to drill yourself with the basic steps. You may be surprised that the CBT might be easier than PPT

  44. I appreciate the effort you put in helping us with these tips, may the blessings of ALL MIGHTY GOD remain in you. I want to also know if the CBT centers will be available in all states of the federation and if not, what states?

    1. Hi Sunday, Thank you very much. We are just glad to help you. No, CBT examination is is not available in all State. When you want to register, choose CBT and you will see the list of state that is available at that time. Hope it helps

    1. Hi Jorones,
      No, It is not that CBT question is simpler than paper and pencil. Just that the level of accuracy in CBT is higher than PPT. Me, I prefer CBT

  45. i read al d coments,am also a candidate of cbt nd am realy veri scard.i dont hav morale for cbt at al/i crave GODS help in my exams dis yr.Amen

    1. Do not be terrified, Just go through the tutorial again and again and you will grab the secret to score high. We are expecting your testimony here in this website

  46. Pls sir, can i print my exam score out after d exam? And also wil d question in paper pencil test 4 dis year be the same wit CBT xame year?

    1. Hi Victor, JAMB has not adopted negative marking scheme before and they will never do. There is no negative marking in JAMB CBT. What you score is what you get. Hope it helps

  47. God please,please give me more knowledge…..with God and my knowledge I will surely pass it ones…….

  48. God take perfect control in my jamb exam I know dat it is ur will and ur will wi
    ll surely come to pass in my life amen

    1. Hi Deeken, JAMB has many examination for 2014 UTME. Just check you examination slip (bottom) to confirm your date.

  49. Z t DAT d questions wil be posted on d system owedi for us or we will visit d website or start d system ourselves.nd wia can we get d past questions for CBT.nd z dia ani procedure or steps to b taken B4 d question can b displayed

    1. The system will be on already and the only thing you need to do is follow the instructions and start your examination.

      1. Dear Exam Guru, pleASE CONFIRM THE EXac date for the computer based test in Lagos state.

        Secondly, i registrered with my sister for the CBT test and we were allocated the same centre in Lekki with the same seat number. Is this a mistake or how can that be resolved? The registration numbers are different though.

        1. Most candidates that are registered for CBT will need to reprint their slip some days to the examination to confirm their details including the exact dates of the examination

  50. Pls sir, sayn abt studyn d past cbt jamb past questions, i wnt 2 knw if 2014/2015 cbt jamb questions will be as dsam lyk othr previous 1c or dey will bring new question?

    Secndly, i wnt 2 knw d date cbt jamb exam 2014/2015 will b and will all cbt jamb candidate write dsam day?

  51. Sir, plss….Since u said abt studyin past CBT jamb quetions 2 hlp candidate. Wil 2014 cbt jamb questions b as d previous 1c or dey will give new questions?

    Scndly, wht will be d date of the cbt jamb exam 4 2014 nd will all CBT jamb candidate write dsam day??

  52. Sir, Since u said abt studyin past CBT jamb quetions 2 hlp candidate. Wil 2014 cbt jamb questions b as d previous 1c or dey will give new questions?

    Scndly, wht will be d date of the cbt jamb exam 4 2014 nd will all CBT jamb candidate write dsam day?

  53. Can i review from one subject to another as in maybe am writing English n d time is up and am not yet through. Can i go back 2 English after i might b through wit oda subjects dat is if there is still time? N pls ow many options(abc) is available?

  54. Pls i want 2 knw d date we ar goin 2 write CBT jamb for 2014…and is al cbt jamb candidate going to write dsam day?…

    Sayn abt studyn d past questn, will CBT jamb questns of 2014 b dsam wit d previous CBT jamb qustns or day will chnge it..?

    1. @ Wasiu, Most Federal University, such as: UNIUYO, UNIBEN, UNILAG, UNIYOS, etc but make more esquires before you apply. I am bery sure of UNIUYO and UNIBEN. Yes, you will be allowed to use calculator and four figure table in CBT

    1. No Faj, there is no runs in CBT. Get Past questions and answers and prepare very well for your exam and you’ll pass.

  55. Tank u very much sir 4 ur concern. pls like matematics, physics an oda calculation subjects wil u b provided a plane sheet 4 d calculations?

  56. Is the CBT questions thesame with PPT? And if for example I’m writing Mathematics, how will I do my workings?

    1. @ Michael, CBT questions and PPT questions are similar in their patterns. JAMB do provide jotter in the exam hall to enable students works calculation

  57. Is there a centre in osogbo where an intending candidate can be prepared for the jamb computer based testing.

    1. You are very correct Samuel. What you cabbage in is what you cabbage out. Thats CBT style. No cheating here.

  58. Thank you for this comment Lawal, I so sorry for your experience last year. I believe things will be alright this year.

  59. Weldone o!
    Is it possible selecting a paper of your choice, or it must be to the sequence?

  60. The JAMB cbt practice page has been blocked (Service Unavailable. Any idea on how else one can get something like that?

  61. Very impressive tips on UTME CBT Exam. But I can’t see tip on Returning to wrongly answered questions to be correctly answered. Is it possible to correct a wrong option of answer in CBT exam?

  62. am afraid of dis computer jamb ooo…aow will it even luk like nd,i dnt wanna FAIL oo

  63. am scared but is it to late to register jam now, if not to late please how will i register the jamb computer or the procedure to do that now?

    1. hello Michael
      Jamb has closed their exams registration portal for this year. you will be able to register for JAMB next. Just prepare for it very well so that you score high. Practice the past questions in this website.

    2. Application form is currently on for interim joint matriculation board (IJMB). IJMB is a programme that enables eligible candidate to gain direct admission into 200lv after a period of 9months into unilorin without jamb . Hostel is availabe for accommodation. For more info, call:07032375931 or visit us at 245, sawmill juction. ilorin. Note: prospective candidates living far from kwara state still have a choice of studying in edo state

    3. well actually exams are of different type and besides people who read for exams or who focus on how it goes not only pass or fail but also hope day pass, they don’t say it with boldness and stand by it that these coming exam am passing it, because it external exam.. seriously jamb be it CBT or PPT, jamb is jamb… i pray we pass this coming computer based test

    1. I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ dy mighty name of jesus anybody sitting 4 dis year cbt exam will not fail. AMEN pls my felow stdnts D̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊n’t b afrade

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