JAMB CBT Last Minute Preparation Tips

Discover the best tips to pass JAMB CBT this year, the most popular exam for candiates who intends to gain admission into higher institutions in Nigeria. We want to help to score high with these interesting tips and tricks to prepare


  1. Read the entire recommended textbooks: Just try to understand the main ideas in a first reading. Do not read too much detail. Now read it the second and third time for proper understanding.
  2. Stresses all important points: They will help you when you read the text again to focus on the important points
  3. Find the questions in the text: When you read, try to fish-out some of the  the questions that are associated in the syllabus. his will help you to cover the most detail on what you are reading.
  4. Use paragraphs to write your answers: Compose your answers with complete expressions. Do not use single words
  5. Answer ALL questions: Try to attempt all the questions in the past questions. If you do not have past questions yet, make sure you buy it. See the account details below this article.
  6. Read a lot to improve your vocabulary: Read everything you can in the months before the exam. Increase your vocabulary in English in different settings and contexts. Read: The Best Way to Answer Jamb Use of English
  7. Do not leave any answer unanswered. If you are not sure of the answer to the question, just gues the answer and put. JAMB do not use negative marking scheme. Read: JAMB Marking Scheme
  8. Write clear answers: Do not leave room for doubt in your answers. Some students write alternative responses that the examiner raises questions about what is correct and the wrong answer.
  9. Write the answers to the official sheet: This year’s JAMB will be written on computer. So make sure that you sumbit all answers into computer. Read: How to write Jamb with Computer
  10. Develop your ideas: Do not write half paragraphs. Write your answers completely.
  11. Improve your writing style: And I do not mean just your English writing. You should improve your ability to organize ideas and translate them on paper
  12. Demonstrate your vocabulary: Examiners assessed the vocabulary and grammar you use in your writing. Advanced is an advanced level exam so you must able to use use vocabulary very well.
  13. Use your own words Try not to copy structures or words of the questions. Compose your own content and use synonyms. This will be best appreciated by examiners

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