JAMB CBT 2015 – Special Instructions to Candidates

Are you writing the JAMB CBT examination this year? If yes, read the JAMB CBT 2015 – Special Instructions to Candidates. Make sure you follow the instructions accordingly.

As I earlier pointed out, passing any examination depends not solely on brilliancy, rather on the ability of candidates to be keen to examination instructions. Examination instructions are part of the exam testing process.

These are the special instructions for JAMB CBT Candidates for 2015 JAMB CBT.

  1. Reprint your JAMB CBT Slip to know your examination date and venue
  2. DO NOT bring any writing material to the Examination Centre.
  3. Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener and Calculator will be issued to you at the Examination Centre. Do NOT bring ANYTHING except your e-Slip to the Examination Centre.
  4. Bring ONLY the ORIGINAL copy of this slip to the Examination Centre and submit it to the Invigilator. You are advised to keep a copy of this SLIP for reference purposes.
  5. Your Biometric (Thumbprints) Verification is COMPULSORY at the Examination Centre. You MUST thumbprint by yourself.
  6. You should NOT come for Examination before or after your Exam Date and Time.
  7. You should take this instruction serious and keep to them as they may contribute to either failure or success in the exam.

I got this question from one of the candidate – will i be allowed to go to the jamb exam hall with plane paper for rough calculation since the exams is using the computer?or will it be giving to us?

This is a very good question. But according to JAMB, you should not bring anything to the examination venue apart from your JAMB slip.

This means that JAMB will provide everything you need for the exam right in the hall. Hope this helps.

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