Are you looking for JAMB CBT Expo? Read more to find out if you really need it.

There are so many websites online that claims to offer JAMB CBT Expo for students. Most of the claim that students will receive the answers to JAMB CBT questions about 6 hours to the examination.I want to ask, how reliable are their claims?

This will not be possible because of the tight security systems since everything is digitized. JAMB has reported high level of success in combating examination malpractice in recent years due to the implementation of computer based test in writing the examination.

But I want to ask, how authentic is this? Are you sure they are not going to eat your money?

Why I am asking all these questions is that I am an insider to JAMB Examination and I can guarantee you that there is nothing like that. But I bet you, if you insist to pay someone to give you expo, there is every tendency that the person will give you fake answers that may make you fail.

Also, it’s worthy of note that over 6 Million students did not see their result and quite a number of other students failed Last year’s JAMB woefully because of issues of suspected cases of examination malpractice.

So, it’s time you gave up the plans for that because, there is nothing like JAMB CBT Expo.

You can do yourself good if you want to score high in the JAMB CBT Examination. You should be able to understand the nature of the examination you are writing. The examination will be written on computer and not paper and pencil.

What is JAMB CBT?

JAMB CBT is an abbreviation to JAMB Computer Based Test. It’s a new way of writing JAMB examination using computer.  What this means is that everyone will be writing the exam on computer.

I earlier written an extensive guide on JAMB CBT Tutorial and expect all JAMBites to read that tutorial.

Also, JAMB CBT Software can help you in this situation. So, instead of waiting for JAMB CBT Expo, use only N1,000 to purchase JAMB CBT Software and practice.

Are you Computer Literate? It’s time you learned computer. A good knowledge in computer usage will boost your chances of success in the examination. Read: How to Write JAMB with Computer for clarification.

In summary, we the Examsguru.net Team advise all candidates to read and prepare for their exam and God will do the remaining.

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