Importance of Sexual Education in the Family

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Sexual education of adolescents is a very important aspect, and sometimes very difficult for parents who occasionally think that this will corrupt their children. Or they think it’s too early. In addition, in our society it’s customary to keep silent about sexual relations, since there are too much embarrassment and shame.

Sexual education for children and adolescents includes not only sex topics. It promotes the harmonious development of a child in the personal and social sphere. Let’s examine in more detail the importance of correct sexual education:

  • Helps to accept identity. Children have already found their sex from the age of three and can distinguish boys and girls on the basis of gender. At an older age, they think about how to be a man or a woman. What are the differences? What features? How to build a relationship with the opposite sex? What difficulties arise? They understand what attracts them in another person or, on the contrary, repels them.
  • Forms sexual preferences and orientation. Sexual education helps children to realize their sexuality. Thanks to this, the enrichment of the person and the ability to love increase. And also due to awareness of the attractiveness, the risk of sexopathological disorders is reduced.
  • Prepares children for responsibility in partnership and marital relations. Helps to understand their role and responsibilities in the family.
  • Prepares for parenthood by forming role behavior. How is it to be a father or mother? What does the father do, and what is the role of the mother?
  • Forms the habit of a healthy lifestyle. Reveals the influence of alcohol, smoking or drugs on their health and birth of children. Describes the correct and daily hygiene. Tells children about raw sex and such consequences as unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Features of sexual education of children consist in the fact that it begins immediately after the birth and improve with each period of their life. Therefore, it’s already a bit late to start talking about sexual education in the teenage period. The processes began many years ago.

How to communicate about intimate?

Conversation should be carried by a parent of the same sex as a child

It’s important that the conversation with child was conducted by the parent of the same sex with him. Otherwise, it can cause the child a lot of embarrassment because of which he can refuse dialogue. In the case when there is no such possibility, try to tell something in stages. When a child gets used to it and trust arises, you can move on to a more open conversation. Ask Ukrainian girls for more tips on how to support children properly.

Support the child

Provide not only information about hormonal change, but teach children how to deal with it. Support the daughter, select the hygiene products needed during the menses and teach her how to use them. Tell her what kind of bra to choose, what underwear is necessary for comfort and health. Show your son how to shave safely. In order to avoid feelings of shame, teach children to change and wash bedlinen by themselves.

Pornography is normal

You don’t have to make a scandal if you find a pornographic material. This will only take the teen away from you. Their interest is of an experimental nature. Adolescents usually discuss any points related to sex and share knowledge. Therefore it isn’t surprising that your child decided to satisfy his curiosity. Be calm, if your son or daughter saw pornographic moments, it doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the difference between close relationships and just sex.

Watch together love films and discuss them

At the same time, let the teenager express his opinion. And don’t criticize him in any way. He’s just learning, compared to you he has no experience. It’s better to tell him about your relationship history, mistakes and their consequences, how you coped with them and lived through difficult moments.

Don’t be mad at the laughter of your child

Don’t react with anger or resentment, if during the conversation your child laughs and jokes. He doesn’t depreciate your attempts, but tries to cope with his awkwardness. Thus, there is disengagement.

Sexual education of children sometimes requires colossal efforts. But the end justifies the means. Thanks to timely information, your child will learn to build harmonious relationships with the opposite sex. According to statistics, children with whom parents talked about sex, were less prone to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. If you succeed in such conversation, eventually you will return to it. Because your child will feel support and not be afraid to ask you new questions.

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