I didn’t Submit in my Jamb, has the Computer Submitted for me ?

I didn’t submit in my jamb, has the computer submitted for me ? This is a very common question from many JAMB CBT candidates. Many are very worried if their result will be marked and released since they did not submit click the submit button before the JAMB CBT screen log them out.

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This is a serious concern because in every examination, you need to submit your script for your exam to be marked and recorded.

Fortunately, the JAMB CBT computer is different. It’s different in such as way that once you finished answering a particular questions and clicked the next button, the previous answered option is automatically saved on the JAMB database unless you later decides to change the option.

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By so doing, you don’t necessarily need to click the submit button for your result to be released. So, if you didn’t submit your JAMB and the system logged you out, you will still see your results from the questions you answered. The system has submitted it for you.

But I will always advice that you try as much as possible to keep to the time allotted for the examination and always ensure that you dot your I’s and cross your T’s before you leave the examination.

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  1. I’m having a similar issue since 3rd of march I wrote the exam I’ve not seen my result, don’t know what to do

  2. thank u very much,i ‘m one among whom were unable to click on the submit button before the computer logged me out. and up till now i havnt see my result.

  3. Please we have Fraudulent practice on jamb site..as some people claim to work with jamb officials all in the name of upgrading score so as to gain money….. Beware Friends

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