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How to write Jamb English Exam Fast

How to write jamb English exam fast. Everyone knows that there is no much time in JAMB CBT examination hall for you to romance questions. You have to device every means to write your exam as fast as possible.

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Once they tell you to start the examination, I advice you to start on the lexis and structure section unless you are very good in comprehension.

If you are starting with lexis and structure, make sure you finish it on time and come back to the passages because these areas carries better scores.

Once you begin, read every question once and supply the answer as quickly as possible. Don’t waste more that one full minute on one question. If you read a particular question and you dont know the answer, I will advice you leave to another cheaper question.

In most instances, I will advice you scan through the options given before reading the question. By so doing, you will likely know the answer immediately and differentiate it with the wrong option.

Make sure you make notes of those questions you skipped so that you can come back to review it.

Don’t not shake in the exam hall but be confident and show great level of confident. That’s the hall mark of success in any examination (If you prepared very well for it.)

Hope this helps. More tips are coming … Success!

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